Using Assessment to Inform Decision-making in [CAPS] Courses: 2015 [CAPS] Course Assessment Pilot

As part of the 2015 UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Course Assessment Report pilot, [CAPS] instructors were asked to describe if they planned to make any changes to their course, assignments, or assessment. Overall, 54% of instructors indicated that they planned to make changes to improve the [CAPS] course. 

[CAPS] instructors most often indicated plans to adjust assignments and/or instruction. Examples of planned changes included:

Planned Changes by [CAPS] Instructors: 2015 UCORE [CAPS] Report Pilot Results

TypeQuotations - Selected Sample
  • "I am concerned about the general superficiality of analysis of sources, I plan to make that a scored section of a number of the assignments"
  • "I am planning to incorporate more discussion activities in the course throughout the semester"
  • "I plan to implement a new textbook"
  • "Changing up the exams/quizzes to better assess what the student has learned from the material"
  • "Working with the instructors teaching the courses prior to more effectively prepare students"
  • "I am working on a planning sheet for students which will help them to do self-assessment of their progress in project development"

Assessment results inform continual reflection and discussion of teaching and learning; they contribute to decision making to ensure effective teaching and learning. Decisions can include choosing to make changes, continue current effective practices, or build on strengths.

For additional information about how student learning evidence contributes to decision making intended to support student learning and quality educational programs, including general education, see Use of Student Learning Evidence. See Key Assessments for additional information about UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Course Assessment.