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How do I know whether or not a course meets a UCORE requirement?

UCORE courses are all identified by a bracketed three- or four-letter abbreviation in the WSU course catalog indicating which requirement the course satisfies. Abbreviations are as follows:

[ROOT] = Roots of Contemporary Issues

[QUAN] = Quantitative Reasoning

[WRTG] = Written Communication

[COMM] = Communication

[SSCI] = Inquiry in the Social Sciences

[HUM] = Inquiry in the Humanities

[ARTS] = Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts

[BSCI], [PSCI], & [SCI] = Inquiry in the Natural Sciences

[DIVR] = Diversity

[CAPS] = Integrative Capstone

How many UCORE courses can be taken within my major?

A maximum of three (3- or 4-credit) UCORE courses may be taken for UCORE credit within your majorAdditional Notes|A UCORE course is within your major if it is offered by the same academic department/unit that administers your major. For example, if you are a mathematics major, then any course within the WSU catalog that has a course prefix of MATH is considered within your major.. For the purpose of this limitation, three 1-credit courses may be combined to count for a single 3-credit course.

Can my UCORE courses be taken pass/fail?

While courses designated as a University Common Requirement (UCORE) technically can be taken on a pass/fail basis, they will not satisfy UCORE requirements under this condition. All UCORE-designated courses must be letter-graded (i.e., A, B, C, D, and F) to satisfy UCORE requirements (with a couple of exceptions).

How many Communication Proficiency requirements are there?

Two courses in Written/Communication Competencies are required. One must be [WRTG] typically fulfilled with English 101 or the student’s placement writing course. The second course can be either [COMM], or a second [WRTG] course.

What about Honors Students?

Honors students complete the Honors College requirements outlined in the Honors section of the WSU course catalog.

Are Writing in the Major (or “[M]“) courses required in the UCORE curriculum?

Two [M] courses must be taken to satisfy a University-wide graduation requirement, although they are not specifically part of the UCORE curriculum.

Can I take a CAPS course while studying abroad?

Effective Fall 2019, students must take CAPS courses in residence. “In residence” means a course either taught on a WSU campus or taught by WSU faculty, wherever the course may be located. Transfer and study abroad courses are not suitable for fulfilling the capstone requirement.

What are the Science requirements?

The Science requirements are a little more complex than other UCORE requirements; here’s how they work:

  • All students must take a minimum of 7 credits. Those in the College of Arts and Sciences must take 8.
  • All students must have one course in Biological Sciences [BSCI] and one course in Physical Science [PSCI].
  • All students must have a least one lab course; students in the College of Arts and Sciences must have two lab courses.
  • Completion of the sequence of both Science 101 and Science 102 will fulfill the complete science requirements ([BSCI], [PSCI], and 2 labs). Note that the completion of only one course in the sequence will not fulfill [BSCI] or [PSCI] on its own.