Current Assessment Activities

Visual depiction of the NILOA Transparency Framework Current Assessment Activities Component.

Current assessment activities include a range of projects designed to collect information about how well students are achieving the learning outcomes of the UCORE general education program.

The table below shows how current UCORE Assessment activities align with the learning outcomes of the UCORE general education program. Click on the links for more information about a particular assessment activity.

ActivitiesCritical & Creative ThinkingInformation LiteracyCommunicationQuantitative ReasoningScientific LiteracyDiversityDepth, Breadth, & Integration of Learning
Capstone [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE1XXX(X)(X)(X)X
Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment2XXXXX
Scientific Inquiry [BSCI]/[PSCI] Pilot AssessmentXXXXXX
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)3X(X)XXXX


1 [CAPS] courses may require students to demonstrate additional applicable outcomes that advance Quantitative Reasoning, Scientific Literacy, and Diversity, as appropriate to the course

2 In transition: Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment previously included the Final Papers Assessment (aligned with Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, and Integrative Learning) and the Diversity & Inequality Papers Assessment (aligned with Diversity and Written Communication), conducted biennially in alternating years

3 NSSE questions mapped to Information Literacy are not part of the standard NSSE instrument and are only administered as part of certain topical modules