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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement UCORE Assessment

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Information Literacy

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All UCORE-designated courses are required to advance Information Literacy, totaling a minimum of 34 credit hours in UCORE-designated courses that include instruction and/or engagement with Information Literacy (see the UCORE Curriculum Map and UCORE Curriculum webpages for more information). At the first-year level, the first-year experience course [ROOT] and foundational requirements are required to advance Information Literacy. At the senior-level, the senior capstone experience course [CAPS] is required to advance Information Literacy. Students also complete ways of knowing and diversity requirements, which advance Information Literacy, during the UCORE curriculum.

WSU Learning Goal: Graduates will effectively identify, locate, evaluate, use responsibly and share information for the problem at hand. Graduates may demonstrate information literacy by:

  • Determining the extent and type of information needed.
  • Implementing well-designed search strategies.
  • Accessing information effectively and efficiently from multiple sources.
  • Assessing credibility and applicability of information sources.
  • Using information to accomplish a specific purpose.
  • Accessing and using information ethically and legally.

Current Evidence of Student Learning Related to Information Literacy

Click on the links for more information about current evidence of student learning from assessments aligned with Information Literacy in the context of the UCORE curriculum:

Capstone [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE

Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)