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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement UCORE Assessment

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All UCORE-designated courses are required to advance Written Communication, a sub-goal of the Communication Learning Goal, totaling a minimum of 34 credit hours in UCORE-designated courses that include instruction and/or engagement with Written Communication (see the UCORE Curriculum Map and UCORE Curriculum webpages for more information). At the first-year level, the first-year experience course [ROOT] and foundational requirements are required to advance Written Communication. At the senior-level, the senior capstone experience course [CAPS] is required to advance Written Communication. Students also complete ways of knowing and diversity requirements, which advance Written Communication, during the UCORE curriculum.

Additionally, UCORE-designated courses advance Non-written Communication as appropriate to the designator (see the UCORE Curriculum Map and UCORE Curriculum webpages for more information). At the first year-level, students may complete a foundational Communication [COMM] course, which focus on non-written mediums (note: students can take a second [WRTG] course instead of a [COMM] course). At the senior-level, Non-written Communication may be required in the senior capstone experience course [CAPS] as appropriate to the course and discipline.

WSU Learning Goal: Graduates will communicate successfully with audiences through written, oral, and other media as appropriate for the audience and purpose. Graduates may demonstrate communication skills by:

  • Analyzing how circumstances, background, values, interests and needs shape communication sent and received.
  • Tailoring messages to audiences according to purpose, occasion, and technology used.
  • Expressing concepts, propositions, and beliefs in coherent, concise, and technically correct form.
  • Choosing appropriate communication media and technology.
  • Speaking confidently and effectively in front of groups.
  • Following social and disciplinary norms for individual and small group interactions, which includes active listening.

Current Evidence of Student Learning Related to Communication

Click on the links for more information about current evidence of student learning from assessments aligned with Communication in the context of the UCORE curriculum:

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Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)