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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement UCORE Assessment

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Depth, Breadth & Integration of Learning

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UCORE-designated courses advance Depth, Breadth, & Integration of Learning as appropriate to the designator, with a minimum of six credit hours in UCORE-designated courses that include instruction and/or engagement with Integrative Learning (see UCORE’s Curriculum webpages for more information). The required first-year experience course [ROOT] and senior capstone experience course [CAPS] are required to advance Integrative Learning, specifically.

WSU Learning Goal: Graduates will develop depth, breadth, and integration of learning for the benefit of themselves, their communities, their employers, and for society at large. Graduates may demonstrate depth, breadth, and integration of learning:

  • Through broad study in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, history, languages, and the arts.
  • By demonstrating a depth of knowledge within the chosen academic field of study based on integration of its history, core methods, techniques, vocabulary, and unsolved problems.
  • By applying the concepts of the general and specialized studies to personal, academic, service learning, professional, and/or community activities.
  • By understanding how the methods and concepts of the chosen discipline (major) relate to those of other disciplines and by engaging in cross-disciplinary activities.
  • By synthesizing multiple bodies of knowledge to address real-world problems and issues.
  • By reflecting upon changes in learning and outlook over time and by making personal, professional, and civic plans based on that self-reflection.

Current Evidence of Student Learning Related to Depth, Breadth and Integration of Learning

Click on the links for more information about current evidence of student learning from assessments aligned with Depth, Breadth and Integration of Learning in the context of the UCORE curriculum:

Capstone [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE

Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)