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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement UCORE Assessment

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UCORE-designated courses advance Diversity as appropriate to the designator, with a minimum of six credit hours in UCORE-designated courses that include instruction and/or engagement with Diversity (see the UCORE Curriculum Map and UCORE Curriculum webpages for more information). At the first-year level, the first-year experience course [ROOT] is required to advance the Diversity learning goal. At the senior-level, Diversity may be required in the senior capstone experience course [CAPS] as appropriate to the course and discipline. Students also complete a [DIVR] course requirement, which advances Diversity, during the UCORE curriculum.

WSU Learning Goal: Graduates will understand, respect and interact constructively with others of similar and diverse cultures, values, and perspectives. Graduates may demonstrate their recognition of diverse cultures, values, and perspectives by:

  • Moving beyond perception-based comparisons, prior knowledge, and individual experiences to understand how social positioning and cultural differences and/or interrelations are constructed.
  • Recognizing how factors including history; politics; economics; systems of discrimination and inequality; structures of power and privilege; and/or cultural values, beliefs, and practices determine social and cultural conditions.
  • Using vocabulary, language, concepts, and/or theoretical models to engage and analyze how social realities are shaped and how stereotypes are created by cultural and socio-economic differences in the US and/or globally.
  • Analyzing and critiquing the cultural and social underpinnings of knowledge claims about individuals and groups and their relations to one another.
  • Assessing one’s own core values, cultural assumptions, and biases in relation to those held by other individuals, cultures, and societies.

Current Evidence of Student Learning Related to Diversity

Click on the links for more information about current evidence of student learning from assessments aligned with Diversity in the context of the UCORE curriculum:

Capstone [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE

Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] Assessment

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)