Student Learning at the Senior-level: Spring 2016 [CAPS] Course Assessment Results

As reported in the Spring 2016 [CAPS] Course Assessment Reporting Summary of Key Evidence for UCORE (PDF), assessment results indicated that, in courses with primarily seniors, 83% of students met or exceeded expectations at the graduating undergraduate level for Critical & Creative Thinking, 88% for Information Literacy, 82% for Communication, and 83% for Depth, Breadth & Integration of Learning

First piloted in 2015, the UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Course Assessment Reports are intended to gauge student learning on WSU’s Undergraduate Learning Goals at the near-graduation level. [CAPS] courses require students to demonstrate at least four of the seven university learning goals: Critical & Creative Thinking, Communication, Information Literacy, and Depth, Breadth & Integration of Learning (with additional learning goals included as appropriate to the discipline). [CAPS] courses need to be at the 400 level and students need to be at least junior-level.

Instructors rated students on their ability in the four learning goals required in each [CAPS] course, with ratings based on students’ holistic performance in the course. A total of 69 reports were submitted for Spring 2016, which represented an estimated 78% of undergraduate students enrolled in [CAPS] courses. Instructors indicated that 68% of the courses were comprised primarily of seniors (>90% seniors).

Instructors were also asked to what extent students were prepared by their previous courses for the [CAPS] course. In courses with primarily seniors, instructors indicated that 56% of students were well prepared for Critical and Creative Thinking, 62% for Information Literacy, 60% for Written Communication, 58% for Oral Communication, and 55% for Depth, Breadth & Integration of Learning.

For additional information, see UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Course Assessment or contact the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning.