Using Assessment to Inform Decision-making in AY 2022-23 [CAPS] Courses

As part of AY 2022-23 [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE, instructors were asked if they planned to make any changes in future semesters based on assessments from the current semester. Overall, 59% of instructors indicated that they planned to make a change to their course based on assessment.

Most commonly the changes were to assignments. Below are some examples:

Use of Assessment to Make Changes: AY 2022-23 UCORE [CAPS] Report Summary Results

TypeQuotations - Selected Sample
  • "I am planning to increase the amount of class presentations and team projects"
  • "More writing assignments"
  • "I am planning to rearrange the writing assignments to be more inter-connected"
  • "Design assignments to foster more risk-taking and personal expression"
Teaching or instruction
  • "The in-class workshop model worked so well this spring that I will be expanding it"
  • "I intend to make adjustments to the delivery of materials that I feel will be helpful"
  • "Adding more critical thinking exercises to class"
Course content
  • "I will begin the course with a review of critical methods"
  • "More time spent on research methods and analysis"
Course resources
  • "I plan to revise the rubric used to evaluate design reviews"
  • "Update links and a few course materials"
Other changes
  • "More interactions with professionals"
  • "I will reinstate attendance policies that I had prior to the pandemic"

Assessment results inform continual reflection and discussion of teaching and learning; they contribute to decision making to ensure effective teaching and learning. Decisions can include choosing to make changes, continue current effective practices, or build on strengths.

For additional information about how student learning evidence contributes to decision making intended to support student learning and quality undergraduate education, see Use of Student Learning Evidence. See Key Assessments for additional information about [CAPS] Assessment for UCORE.