Using Assessment to Inform Decision-making in AY 2017-18 UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Courses

As part of AY 2017-18 [CAPS] Course Assessment reporting, instructors who indicated they had taught their [CAPS] course before were asked to report if they had made any changes to their courses based on assessments from previous semesters. Additionally, instructors indicating that they would be teaching their [CAPS] course again in the future were asked if they planned to make any changes based on assessments from this semester. Overall, 68% of instructors indicated that they had made or planned to make a change to their course based on assessment.

Most commonly the changes were to assignments or instructional approach. Below are some examples:

Use of Assessment to Make Changes: AY 2017-18 UCORE [CAPS] Report Summary Results

TypeQuotations - Selected Sample
  • "I changed how the final paper was completed with drafts submitted throughout the semester with the opportunity for editing before the final version was submitted."
  • "The final project became multi-modal (before students had a choice to either write a traditional paper or create a multi-modal project). Students had to prepare a component that engaged with the campus community."
  • "Restructured weekly Module Assignments to be more client focused."
Teaching or instruction
  • "I introduced the group project earlier in the semester and provided more guidance for the project"
  • "Provided increased feedback throughout the semester"
Course content
  • "I updated the readings for the students (new articles) and I freshened my lecture notes with more current readings"
  • "In response to student feedback, I put more emphasis on developing and justifying skills that are applicable in a variety of work settings"
Course resources
  • "Replacement of one book"
  • "I will use a different set of films"
  • "Plan to add a few more small assignments and have fewer exams"
  • "Design and preparation of the students for essay questions on exams"
  • "I will ask mentors to get more involved with the teams"
  • "Included self and team evaluations"

Assessment results inform continual reflection and discussion of teaching and learning; they contribute to decision making to ensure effective teaching and learning. Decisions can include choosing to make changes, continue current effective practices, or build on strengths.

For additional information about how student learning evidence contributes to decision making intended to support student learning and quality educational programs, including general education, see Use of Student Learning Evidence. See Key Assessments for additional information about UCORE Capstone [CAPS] Course Assessment.