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WSU Undergraduate Education UCORE

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  • UCORE handbook: The official guide to the UCORE curriculum. It is designed for faculty who wish to design or teach a UCORE course, or for any who advise students about UCORE requirements. It contains general policies pertaining to the UCORE system of requirements and courses, as well as detailed guidance on preparing courses for submission for Faculty Senate approval.
  • Syllabus components checklist: A checklist-based worksheet designed to guide you through the process of designing a syllabus that includes all of the components that are necessary for your course. The checklist is organized to first walk you through those possible syllabus components that are required, then those that are recommended.
  • Sample UCORE course syllabi: A selection of recent sample syllabi for courses with a UCORE designation to refer to as an example when designing your own syllabus. (Note: You will need to login with your newtork ID to access this page.)