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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

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  • UCORE handbook: The official guide to the UCORE curriculum. It is designed for faculty who wish to design or teach a UCORE course, or for any who advise students about UCORE requirements. It contains general policies pertaining to the UCORE system of requirements and courses, as well as detailed guidance on preparing courses for submission for Faculty Senate approval.
  • Creating a Welcoming Syllabus: The course syllabus is often the first document that provides students with insight into what learning in a particular course will feel like. Given the diverse learning styles and backgrounds our students bring to the classroom, it is incumbent upon us to create a welcoming learning environment from day one. That begins with a welcoming syllabus.
  • Syllabus components checklist: A checklist-based worksheet designed to guide you through the process of designing a syllabus that includes all of the components that are necessary for your course. The checklist is organized to first walk you through those possible syllabus components that are required, then those that are recommended.
  • Sample UCORE Course Syllabi: A selection of recent sample syllabi for courses with a UCORE designation to refer to as an example when designing your own syllabus. (Note: You will need to login with your network ID to access this page.)
  • Library Instruction: WSU Librarians have designed library instruction to support and develop information literacy, working with students in different disciplines and at different levels of experience. Librarians’ instruction mission is to provide library users with the skills to discover, access, evaluate, use, and enjoy information sources as students and beyond. At WSU, information literacy is integrated into the Seven UCORE Learning Goals.
  • WSU Teaching Resources: Teaching excellence is a core principle of Washington State University’s land grant mission. WSU is dedicated to promoting a culture of academic innovation and success.
  • Assignment Design Resources: Developing powerful, clear assignments is one of the most consequential tasks that faculty undertake in their work as educators. Assignment design impacts teaching, learning, and assessment. Widely researched, many considerations go into designing effective assignments.
  • AAC&U Value Rubrics: Looking for ways to more efficiently and equitably assess student learning in your course? The American Association of Colleges and Universities has created and tested VALUE rubrics that help faculty provide feedback on a range of skills taught and practiced in college classrooms.