Getting the Most Out of UCORE

Own Your Learning

By exposing you to multiple disciplines and methods of inquiry, UCORE helps you develop intellectual and civic competencies, transferable skills, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

With sustained emphasis on critical and creative thinking, information literacy, communication, and integration and application of knowledge, UCORE prepares WSU students – that’s you! – to address diverse, complex issues and to act as responsible, informed citizens.

You won’t become an expert in any single UCORE course or area. That is the purpose of your major. But through successful completion of the UCORE requirements, you will have the tools needed to seek out information; interpret, apply, and share it; and make reasoned and ethical judgments on a wide array of issues today and in the future.

In short, you will develop the capacity for adaptability and lifelong learning in a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world. Not only are these qualities highly valued among employers who seek to drive change and innovation, but they are also necessary for navigating society’s most pressing social, political, and moral challenges.

When Planning your UCORE Experience

  • Consider the post-graduation return on investment. Technological priorities and modes of operation change constantly. Employers want adaptable and creative thinkers not narrow ones. Begin to think about marketing yourself with WSU’s undergraduate learning goals and outcomes in mind. Ask your faculty and advisors for assistance.
  • Prioritize your interests and curiosity over scheduling convenience. What social, philosophical, scientific, or technological issues do you care about? Are there particular skills you want to develop further that are not tied to any particular major? Working with your advisor, build a UCORE plan with those goals at the center.

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