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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Inquiry in the Arts

Course designation within the area of Inquiry: Ways of Knowing

Creative expression, whether for personal expression or to communicate with others, is a fundamental human activity that results in the production of objects, environments, and experiences that engage the senses, emotions, and/or intellect. The creative and professional arts offer direct participation in such activities and provides a framework for their interpretation, evaluation, and appreciation, past and present. Arts is broadly defined to include not only the fine arts and performing arts, but also the professional arts, such as architecture, graphic design, and digital arts.

Students choose one ARTS course (3 credits) to satisfy part of the UCORE Inquiry: Ways of Knowing graduation requirements. Three 1-credit courses may be added together to satisfy the 3-credit requirement.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret and/or produce creative work using relevant methods, processes, or tools (critical thinking and/or creative thinking).
  • Receive and reflect on constructive feedback to refine creative methods, processes, outcomes, and/or interpretations (critical thinking).
  • Recognize the role of scholarship in creative or professional arts (information literacy).
  • Explain in writing how creative work or interpretation of creative work is grounded in scholarship (written communication).
  • Understand fundamental knowledge and concepts in creative or professional arts as appropriate to the discipline (breadth of learning).

Revised outcomes approved Spring 2022.

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For Faculty

Learning Outcomes Grid

Whether submitting a new course for approval for the first time or submitting an updated course as part of UCORE’s renewal process, faculty should submit a completed ARTS Learning Outcomes Grid along with the course syllabus and supporting assignment prompts/activity descriptions. This grid should clearly demonstrate the relationship among UCORE designator learning outcomes, course learning outcomes, and activities and assignments that support those outcomes.

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