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Inquiry in the Arts [ARTS]: Course List

About ARTS Courses

Creative expression is a fundamental human activity that results in the production of objects, environments, and experiences that engage the senses, emotions, and/or intellect. The creative and professional arts offer direct participation in such activities while providing a framework for their interpretation, evaluation, and appreciation. In this category the domain of the arts is broadly defined to include not only the fine arts and performing arts, but also the professional arts, such as architecture, graphic design, and digital arts. Some ARTS courses ask students to perform, produce, fabricate or generate an aesthetic object, installation, presentation, composition, performance, or other creative work. Other ARTS courses ask students to critically analyze, interpret, or evaluate the creative activities or accomplishments of others, past or present. In both types of courses, students also demonstrate that their creative or interpretive analysis is grounded in existing historical, critical, or methodological scholarship.

Choose one [ARTS] course (3 credits) to satisfy part of your UCORE graduation requirements.

ARTS Course List

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCredits
AMDT408Visual Analysis and Aesthetics3
ANTH301Arts and Media in Global Perspective3
DTC101Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture3
DTC201Tools and Methods for Digital Technology3
DTC208Introduction to Digital Cinema3
DTC354Digital Storytelling3
ENGLISH150Introduction to Film as Narrative4
ENGLISH212Introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels3
ENGLISH339Topics in Film as Literature3
ENGLISH342Documentary Film Theory and Production3
FINE_ART101Introduction to Art3
FINE_ART1022D Art and Design3
FINE_ART1033D Art and Design3
FINE_ART201World Art History I3
FINE_ART202World Art History II3
FINE_ART303Modern Art - 19th Century3
FINE_ART305Arts of Ancient Greece and Rome3
FINE_ART307The Arts of Renaissance Europe3
HISTORY232The Mexican Revolution and the Arts3
HISTORY320Modern US History Through Film3
MUS120Class Guitar3
MUS153Musical Style in Composition3
MUS160Survey of Music Literature3
MUS163World Music3
MUS262Rock Music: History and Social Analysis3
MUS266Film Music3
MUS428Opera Workshop1
MUS429Tenor/Bass Choir1
MUS430Treble Choir1
MUS431Concert Choir1
MUS432University Singers1
MUS433Madrigal/Chamber Singers1
MUS434Symphony Orchestra1
MUS436Symphonic Band1
MUS 437Symphony Wind Ensemble1
MUS438Jazz-Lab Band1
MUS439Vocal Jazz Ensemble1
SDC100World of Design and Construction3
SPANISH110Peninsular Spanish Film3
SPANISH111Latin American Film3
SPANISH310Peninsular Spanish Film3
SPANISH311Latin American Film3
SPANISH350Introduction to Peninsular Spanish Literature3
SPANISH351Introduction to Latin American Literature3
WGSS / HISTORY369Queer Identities in Contemporary Cultures3

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