Richard G. Law Award

Each year the Richard Law Award is bestowed on a faculty member who demonstrates outstanding teaching in a UCORE course.

Honoring Dick Law’s service to WSU as Director of General Education from 1990 to 2009, the award values the important role played by general education faculty across the university in helping undergraduates attain a broad array of knowledge and skills as a basis for further study and career success. The recipient of the Law Award is recognized in spring at the Academic Engagement and Student Achievement awards ceremony.

This award is open to all instructors of record – lecturers, career-track, and tenure-track faculty – on all WSU campuses whose teaching has included at least one UCORE class in each of the past three years. Gaps due to sabbatical leave do not affect eligibility. Each year, the award committee issues a call for nominations/applications that includes details of the application/nomination process. Application announcements and materials are available on our Apply for a Law Award page.

Previous Law Award recipients are educators who inspire curiosity and understanding in an area of study. Their classes encourage development of the lifelong learning skills of integrating and synthesizing concepts to solve real problems.

Award Recipients

2023: Lisa Carloye

School of Biological Sciences

2022: Tahira Probst

Department of Psychology

2022: Anna Whitehall

Department of Human Development

2021: Allyson Beall King

School of the Environment

2020: Kate Watts

Department of English

2019: Kara Whitman

School of the Environment

2018: Katherine Banks

School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs

2017: Robbie Cooper

Department of Human Development

2016: Ken Faunce

Department of History

2015: Jeannette Martin

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2014: Rich Zack

Department of Entomology

2014: Clif Stratton

Department of History

2013: Theresa Jordan

Department of History, with namesake Dick Law