UCORE Advising Resources

A Scaffolded Structure

UCORE’s structure is intentionally designed to build capacity and develop skills over time. Most UCORE designations are offered at multiple levels (i.e. 100-400).

Advise students to complete UCORE with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Complete First-Year Experience [ROOT] and Foundational Competencies [QUAN, WRTG, COMM] in their first year.
  • Complete Ways of Knowing [BSCI, PSCI, SSCI, ARTS, HUM] in first through third years at course levels appropriate to class standing (e.g. second-year students take 200-level course with [ARTS] designation to fulfill Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts).
  • Complete Diversity applied learning [DIVR] requirement in first through fourth years at course levels appropriate to class standing (i.e. first-year students take 100-level [DIVR] course, third-year students take 300-level [DIVR] course).
  • Complete Integrative Capstone [CAPS] in fourth year.

Additional Advising Resources

At-a-glance info for most questions regarding UCORE:

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