UCORE Advising Resources

A Scaffolded Structure

UCORE’s structure is intentionally designed to build capacity and develop skills over time. Most UCORE designations are offered at multiple levels (i.e. 100-400).

Advise students to complete UCORE with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Complete First-Year Experience [ROOT] and Foundational Competencies [QUAN, WRTG, COMM] in their first year.
  • Complete 6 of 7 Inquiry: Ways of Knowing designations: ARTS, BSCI, DIVR, EQJS, HUM, PSCI, SSCI] in first through third years at course levels appropriate to class standing (e.g. second-year students take 200-level course with [ARTS] designation to fulfill Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts). Note that CAS and CVM students complete 7 of 7 Inquiry: Ways of Knowing as part of additional college graduation requirement.
  • Complete Integrative Capstone [CAPS] in fourth year.

Additional Advising Resources

At-a-glance info for most questions regarding UCORE:

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Printable Resources

Advising Posters by Semester

Download a 17 by 11 inch printable advising poster that, for a given semester and campus, maps out the courses that make up the UCORE curriculum first by the four overarching UCORE broad categories and then by each of the 11 UCORE requirement areas.