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WSU Undergraduate Education UCORE

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Understanding UCORE

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The UCORE curriculum is based on an approach to learning that emphasizes the development of both technical proficiency and the faculties of the human mind. The goal of UCORE is to not only prepare students for their careers, but also empower them as individuals and prepare them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.

Learn more about the type of well-rounded education that the UCORE curriculum represents from the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

Learn More about UCORE

WSU Graduation Requirements

The common requirements for graduation from WSU.

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UCORE Course List

Many interesting and exciting classes to choose from.

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WSU Learning Goals

Courses in the UCORE curriculum engage students in meeting these goals and outcomes.

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Student Links (Bottom Row)

Transfer Students

Transfer students may have already met most UCORE requirements.

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Honors Students

Honors students follow the Honors College curriculum to meet UCORE requirements.

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Find your questions answered here.

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