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WSU Undergraduate Education UCORE

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Understanding UCORE

WSU’s University Common Requirements (UCORE) course sequence is designed by the University’s faculty to help you acquire broad knowledge of the world and widely applicable skills to complement your specific major program of study. By exposure to multiple disciplines and methods of inquiry, you will develop intellectual and civic competencies, practical skills, and the ability to apply said knowledge and skills in real world settings. With sustained emphasis on critical and creative thinking, information literacy, communication, and integration and application of knowledge, UCORE prepares WSU students – that’s you! – to address diverse, complex issues and to act as responsible, informed citizens.

You won’t be an expert in any single UCORE course or area, but you will have the tools needed to seek out necessary information; interpret, apply, and share it; and make reasoned and ethical judgements on a wide array of issues we face today and in the future. In short, you will develop the capacity for adaptability and lifelong learning in a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world. Not only are these qualities highly valued among employers who seek to drive change and innovation, but they are also necessary for navigating society’s most pressing challenges.

Learn more about the type of well-rounded, forward-looking education that the UCORE curriculum represents from the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

Learn More about the UCORE Curriculum

WSU Graduation Requirements

The common requirements for graduation from WSU.

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UCORE Course List

Embrace discovery and skill-building through UCORE courses.

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WSU Learning Goals

UCORE courses center these learning goals and outcomes.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students may have already met most UCORE requirements.

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Honors Students

Honors students follow the Honors College curriculum to meet UCORE requirements.

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Find your questions answered here.

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