[SSCI] Courses

Inquiry in the Social Sciences teaches students how social sciences apply empirical principles and methods to understand human beings as social agents in cultural, group, and individual contexts.

Students choose one [SSCI] course (3 credits) to satisfy part of the UCORE Inquiry: Ways of Knowing graduation requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students, regardless of major, who successfully complete a [SSCI] course should be able to:

  • Recognize the difference between quantitative and qualitative evidence for use in social scientific research, including when each is appropriate to support claims. (WSU Learning Goal: Critical Thinking)
  • Evaluate, at an appropriate level, evidence-based claims and conclusions that are rooted in social scientific research methods. (WSU Learning Goal: Information Literacy)
  • Communicate social scientific information or findings in written forms appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Written Communication)
  • Understand fundamental knowledge and concepts in social science as appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Breadth of Learning)

Revised outcomes approved Spring 2022.

Available [SSCI] courses

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Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollegeStatus
AFS336Agriculture, Environment, and Community3CAHNRSRenewed S22
ANTH130Great Discoveries in Archaeology3CASRenewed S20
ANTH135Mythbusting in Archaeology3CASApproved F20
ANTH205Health, Healing, and Medicine Across Cultures3CASApproved F17
ANTH232The Pyramids of Egypt: Why and How?3CASApproved S21
ANTH302Childhood and Culture3CASRenewed S22
ANTH304Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Mental Health and Illness3CASApproved S17
ANTH305Anthropology of Epidemic Disease and Bioterrorism3CASApproved S18
ANTH309Cultural Ecology3CASRenewed S22
ANTH / AIS331Archaeology of the Americas3CASRenewed S23
CAS311Special Topics in Social Sciences: Cross-Disciplinary Studies3CASApproved S21
CES171Introduction to Indigenous Studies3CASSubmit for renewal S24
CES244Critical Globalizations3CASRenewed S22
CES254Comparative Latino/a Studies3CASRenewed S23
CES308Cultural Politics of Sport3CASSubmit for renewal S24
COM101Media and Society3CAHNRSSubmit for renewal S23
CRM_J101Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice3CASSubmit for renewal F23
ECONS101Fundamentals of Microeconomics3CAHNRSRenewed S20
ECONS102Fundamentals of Macroeconomics3CAHNRSRenewed S20
ENGLISH256Introduction to the Study of Language3CASApproved S18
ENGLISH457Sociolinguistics3CASSubmit for renewal S24
H_D101Human Development Across the Lifespan3CAHNRSRenewed F22
H_D204Family Interactions3CAHNRSRenewed S19
H_D334Principles of Community Development3CAHNRSRenewed S23
HBM235Travel, Society, and Business3BusinessRenewed F22
HISTORY309Place-Based Digital History3CASApproved F20
HISTORY / ASIA379History of East Asian Economic Development Since 19453CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY / ASIA / POL_S476Revolutionary China3CASApproved F22
NEP200Place and Health3MedicineApproved F19
POL_S101American National Government3CASRenewed F22
POL_S102Introduction to Comparative Politics3CASRenewed S22
POL_S103International Politics3CAS
POL_S206State and Local Government3CASApproved S23
PSYCH105Introductory Psychology3CASRenewed S21
SOC101Introduction to Sociology3CASRenewed F20
SOC102Social Problems3CASRenewed F20
SOC332Sustainability and Society3CASSubmit for renewal F23