The UCORE Curriculum

UCORE’s structure is designed to build each student’s capacity and develop skills over time. Students move from first-year experience and foundational competencies through their inquiry: ways of knowing coursework en route to an integrative capstone. As students advance through the curriculum, required elements shared by all UCORE courses ensure they make progress toward meeting WSU’s Learning Goals.

Each course proposed and taught for UCORE is required to demonstrate how university- and UCORE-level learning outcomes map to course-level outcomes, assignments, and assessments. Requests for approval or renewal are required to include a learning outcomes grid for the requested designation. Download the appropriate grid here: [ARTS] [BSCI/PSCI] [CAPS] [COMM] [DIVR] [EQJS] [HUM] [QUAN] [SSCI] [WRTG].

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