[HUM] Courses

The humanities grapple with the human condition in its complexity through time and across space and cultures. The humanities include knowledge of history, philosophical traditions, major religions, diverse cultural legacies, and contested questions. As fields of study, the humanities emphasize analysis, interpretation, and reflection. They engage centrally with questions of meaning and purpose, which serve as bridges of relevance between past, present, and future.

Students choose one [HUM] course (3 credits) to satisfy part of the UCORE Inquiry: Ways of Knowing graduation requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students, regardless of major, who successfully complete a [HUM] course should be able to:

  • Recognize the role of evidence in the humanities, including what kinds of evidence are appropriate or possible in the context of a research question. (WSU Learning Goal: Information Literacy)
  • Identify claims based on interpretation of evidence in the humanities. (WSU Learning Goal: Critical Thinking).
  • Evaluate, at an appropriate level, claims or information in the humanities based on the sources and the methods used to generate it. (WSU Learning Goal: Information Literacy)
  • Communicate about the humanities in written forms appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Written Communication)
  • Understand fundamental knowledge and concepts in the humanities as appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Breadth of Learning)

Revised outcomes approved Spring 2022.

Available [HUM] Courses

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Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollegeStatus
ANTH201Art and Society3CASRenewed S22
ANTH355Historical Linguistics3CASApproved F19
CAS310Special Topics in the Humanities3CASApproved S21
CES111Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies3CASSubmit for renewal S24
CES151Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies3CASRenewed S22
CES209Hip Hop Around the Globe3CASRenewed S20
CES / ENGLISH220Introduction to Multicultural Literature3CASSubmit for renewal F23
CES / HISTORY235African American History3CASSubmit for renewal F23
CES260Race and Racism in US Popular Culture3CASRenewed S23
CES / ENGLISH313 / 311Asian Pacific American Literature3CASRenewed S23
CHINESE / ASIA121Modern Chinese Culture3CASSubmit for renewal F24
COM105Communication in Global Contexts3CommunicationRenewed S23
ENGLISH108Introduction to Literature3CASRenewed S20
ENGLISH109Creative Writing Now3CASApproved S21
ENGLISH110Reading Now3CASRenewed F21
ENGLISH112Language in the Real World3CASSubmit for renewal S24
ENGLISH205Introduction to Shakespeare3CASRenewed S20
ENGLISH210Readings in American Literature3CASRenewed S20
ENGLISH219Introduction to Environmental Humanities3CASRenewed F20
ENGLISH305Shakespeare3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
ENGLISH306Shakespeare after 16003CASApproved S23
ENGLISH366The British Novel to 19003CASRenewed S22
ENGLISH368The American Novel to 19003CASSubmit for renewal S24
ENGLISH37219th Century Literature of the British Empire and the Americas3CASSubmit for renewal S23
ENGLISH37320th and 21st Century Global Literatures in English3CASApproved F20
FOR_LANG101Introduction to the World of Languages3CASRenewed F20
FOR_LANG / HUMANITY130Global Literature in Translation3CASRenewed S23
FRENCH110French/Francophone Film3CASRenewed S21
FRENCH120French Culture3CASRenewed S21
FRENCH320French/Francophone Culture3CASRenewed F22
GERMAN120Germanic Culture3CASSubmit for renewal S23
GERMAN320German Culture3CASRenewed S23
HISTORY101Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Europe3CASRenewed S20
HISTORY102Modern Europe3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
HISTORY110American History to 18773CASRenewed F22
HISTORY111American History Since 18773CASRenewed F22
HISTORY 121World History II3CASRenewed S20
HISTORY230Introduction to Latin American History3CASRenewed F22
HISTORY318United States, 1914-19453CASRenewed F22
HISTORY319United States, 1945-Present3CASRenewed S23
HISTORY331Latin American Cultural History3CASRenewed S23
HISTORY33220th Century Latin America3CASRenewed S23
HISTORY340Ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander the Great3CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY341The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome3CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY343The Early Middle Ages, 330-10503CASRenewed S23
HISTORY347Europe in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Era, 1789-18153CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY350European Women's History, 1400-18003CASApproved F21
HISTORY354Age of Empire: Europe, 1871-19143CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY355Life and Culture of the Popular Classes in Europe, 1200-18003CASRenewed S24
HISTORY356Europe Since 19453CAS
HISTORY359Modern Britain3CASApproved S23
HISTORY / ASIA373Chinese Civilization3CASRenewed F22
HISTORY / ASIA374Japanese Civilization3CASRenewed F23
HISTORY382History of Science and Technology Since Newton3CASSubmit for renewal F23
HUMANITY101Humanities in the Ancient World3CASRenewed F20
HUMANITY103Mythology3CASRenewed S21
HUMANITY302Humanities in the Middle Ages and Renaissance3CASRenewed F22
HUMANITY304Humanities in the Modern World3CASRenewed S22
JAPANESE / ASIA123Modern Japanese Culture3CASRenewed F20
KINES201Exploring Meaning in Sport and Movement3EducationSubmit for renewal S24
LND_ARCH150Landscapes of the Palouse3VCEAApproved F20
MUS / CES265 / 271Native Music of North America3CASRenewed S21
MUS359History of Music: Antiquity to 16503CASRenewed F22
MUS360History of Music: 1650-18503CASRenewed S23
MUS361Music and Social Justice3CASApproved F21
PHIL101Introduction to Philosophy3CASSubmitted for renewal F23
PHIL103Introduction to Ethics3CASRenewed S23
PHIL207Philosophy of Religion3CASRenewed S22
PHIL210Philosophy in Film3CASSubmit for renewal F23
PHIL220Philosophy of Food3CASSubmit for renewal F23
PHIL / ASIA280Islam in Theory and Practice3CASSubmit for renewal F23
PHIL360Business Ethics3CASRenewed S22
PHIL365Biomedical Ethics3CASRenewed S22
PHIL370Environmental Ethics3CASRenewed S24
PHIL450Data Analytics Ethics3CASApproved S21
POL_S437Classical Political Thought3CASApproved S23
SHS205Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 3MedicineApproved F23
SPANISH120Peninsular Spanish Culture3CASRenewed F20
SPANISH121Latin American Culture3CASRenewed F20
WGSS / ENGLISH211Sex Matters: Introduction to Queer Culture and Literature3CASRenewed S22
WGSS338Gender, Race, and Popular Culture3CASSubmit for renewal F23