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Single: Transfer Students and UCORE

All transfer students will need to take the Integrative Capstone [CAPS] course, and remaining UCORE requirements will depend on each student’s unique situation. For transfer students with a completed associate’s degree, the table below explains the remaining UCORE requirements you will need to satisfy.

If you have:Then you still need to fulfill these University Common Requirements:
An approved transferable AA (DTA) (see catalog)Integrative Capstone [CAPS] course
An approved transferable Associate of Science (AS-T)
  • Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] course (i.e., History 305)
  • Second [COMM] or [WRTG] course
  • Diversity [DIVR] course
  • Integrative Capstone [CAPS] course
No approved transferable degreeTransfer courses evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

(Note: some of your UCORE courses may have been granted through course transfer. You can determine this by checking your transfer credit report for course-by-course matches of transferred credits to UCORE categories. For more information, please consult the transfer credit website and meet with your academic advisor.)