Education Abroad Equivalencies

Planning to study abroad while a student at WSU? Some of your coursework completed abroad may satisfy UCORE requirements.

Please note the following:

Any WSU UCORE course taught by a WSU professor in an Education Abroad context will automatically satisfy the corresponding UCORE designation. There is no need to seek pre-approval.

UCORE CAPS courses must be taken “in residence,” which is defined as a course taught on a WSU campus or a course taught by a WSU professor on a non-WSU campus.

CountryUniversityCourseUCORE (Lower (LD) or Upper (UD) Division)
ArgentinaCEA Center – Buenos AiresGEN331EZE/SOC351EZE - Gender and Body Politics in Latin AmericaDIVR (UD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2065QCM – Popular Music: Roots to RapARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast1088LHS – First PeoplesDIVR (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2109QCM – Technology & MusicARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast1104QCM – Popular Music & Cultural ContextARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2011EMV – Anthropological PerspectivesSSCI (LD)
AustraliaDeakin UniversityACV114 – Art & TechnologyARTS (LD)
AustraliaDeakin UniversitySLE111 – Cells & GenesBSCI (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityAR 1001- The World of ArchaeologyDIVR (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityHI 2191 – Australian HistoryDIVR (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityNM 1400 – Introduction to DesignARTS (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityNM 1200 – Digital PhotographyARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideANTH 2038 – Anthropology of Health & MedicineBSCI w/lab or no lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideASIA 2015 – Australia & the Asia-PacificSSCI (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideHIST 2070 – Aftermath: Aboriginal Lives in 20th Century AustraliaHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandGEOL 110 – Geology and the EnvironmentPSCI w/lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandGEPL 111 – Earth in CrisisBSCI (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandHIST 151 – Modern AustraliaHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandIDIG 101 – Australia’s First People’s Contemporary IssuesDIVR (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandZOOL 220 – EntomologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyKOCR2600 – Indigenous Australia: An IntroductionDIVR (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyEDUF3034 – Australian Theatre, Film & LearningARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyUSSC 2604 – Sex, Race, and Rock in the USAHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyCAEL1001 – Contemporary Drawing: Experimental Work ARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyWORK3205 –
Organizational Communication Work
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongAUST101 – Australian Studies: Culture & IdentitiesHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongCAVA111 – Visual Arts Studio Workshop AARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongECON111 – Introductory MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeCMM 101E – Introduction to Human CommunicationCOM (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeECN 201E – MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeECN 211E – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeMTH 140E – Mathematics for Business & EconomicsQUAN (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegePOL 101E – Introduction to Political Concepts and TheoriesSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegePOL 103E – Inquiry in International AffairsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeSOC 101E – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeSTA 201E – Intermediary StatisticsQUAN (LD)
ChileAdolfo IbanezHIST 315 – Latin America Culture & IdentityHUM or DIVR (LD)
ChileAdolfo IbanezHIST 335 – Economic Development in Latin AmericaSSCI or Econ Elective (UD)
ChilePontificia Universidad Catolica De ValparaisoPIIE 530 – Resistance, Appropriation & Sustainability: Cross-Cultural Encounters with the Native Mapuche PeopleDIVR (UD)
ChinaEast China Normal UniversitySOC 11 – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
ChinaEast China Normal UniversitySOC 23 – Race & Ethnic RelationsSSCI (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – World HistoryHUM (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – Earth & Its Environment (with Lab)PSCI w/lab (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – Introduction to PhilosophyHUM (LD)
ChinaUSAC Center – ChengduNo course #- Chinese CalligraphyARTS (LD)
ChinaUSAC Center – ShanghaiNo course # – China Phenomenon: Society, Politics, and BusinessSSCI (LD)
Costa RicaCEA Center – Veritas UniversidadCOM340 – Communication & Global CompetenceCOM (UD)
Costa RicaCEA Center – Veritas UniversidadDNCE 2500 – Theory of Latin American Tropical DanceARTS (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePSY 2200 – Health PsychologySSCI (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseARCH 3200 – Tropical Design & ArchitectureARTS (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseARCH 3112- Latin American Architecture & ArtARTS (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseART 2130- Mural Painting & Public ArtARTS (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseCOMM 3200- Intercultural CommunicationDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseETH 3100- Selected Topics in Afro-Caribbean StudiesDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseHIS 2302 – Latin American HistorySSCI (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePOL 3100- Costa Rican Tradition: Peace & DemocracySSCI or HUM (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePSY 3050- Cultural PsychologySSCI (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – San RamonCHS – Global HealthDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – PuntarenasBIOL 204 – Introducation to Tropical Marine Biology and Tropical Marine Biology: Field Studies (Must take both)BSCI w/lab (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – PuntarenasART 204 – Survey Art I: Pre-Columbian Art & CulturesHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversityART 131 – Prague Art & ArchitectureARTS (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversityART 101 – Art History IARTS (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversitySOC 100 – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicAIFS Center – University of Economics – PragueHistory 327 – Cultural History of Czech LandsHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Czech Social & Economic Transformation After 1989: Winners & LosersSSCI (UD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Stalinism In Eastern EuropeSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Alternative Culture, Literature, Music, & LifestylesSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Gender Studies: A Global PerspectiveSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Contemporary Jewish Religious ThoughtHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – The Image of Prague: Literature, Architecture, & Cultural HistoryHUM (LD)
DenmarkAarhus University515151U007 - Behavioral BiologyBSCI (LD) - no lab
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Afro-Caribean CulturesDIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Contemporary Dominican LiteratureHUM or DIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Introduction to Dominican FolkloreDIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Latin American Culture & SocietyDIVR (LD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversityGI4004S – Introduction to International DevelopmentSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversitySJ5001S – History of Critical Thinking Part 2HUM (UD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversityGI4005S – Introduction to International RelationsSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversitySP-6-1112 – American Politics: Ideology, Culture, & PowerSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityDSS-5-TES – The Environment, Sustainability & PoliticsSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityDS-6- Equality, Social Justice & Social ChangeDIVR (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityFBS-5-202 – Human Evolution, Physiology & BehaviourBSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityASC-4-409-1516 – Nutrition Health & DiseaseBSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityUEL 4 SAW – Society and WelfareSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityAMC_5_LCC – London: City of ChangeHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityHIST 20117 – The Age of ReformationHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityENGL 21512 – Renaissance LiteratureHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityEURO 11451 – Introduction to European StudiesHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 5200 – Museums and Galleries of LondonARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 4200 – Introduction to Arts Across CulturesARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 4205 – Film in the AmericasARTS (LD/UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 4200 – Introduction to Film StudiesARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPSY 5415 – Psychology and CinemaARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 5210 – History of DesignARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonGEP 3150 – Visual ThinkingARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 4205 – Introduction to Visual CultureARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonADM 3160 – Foundations in PhotographyARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonENV 4100 – Endangered Species: Ecology and ConservationBSCI (no lab) (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonGEP 4105 – Social Change in PracticeCOMM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCOM 4105 – Worlds of MusicDIVR (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 5445 – Black LondonEQJS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonDEV 4100 – Rich World/Poor WorldEQJS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCOM 4115 – Digital SocietyHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 5420 – Post-Apocalyptic WorldsHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 3205 – The Global Cold WarHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 4405 – History of FashionHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 5400 – History of LondonHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 5105 – International Human RightsHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 4120 – Probability and Statistics 1QUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 3111 – Functions with ApplicationsQUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 4110 – Calculus with ApplicationsQUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCRM 5400 – Terrorism and CounterterrorismSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 6210 – The Politics of International LawSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 4101 – Global Politics in the 21st CenturySSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPLT 5103 – Politics of EnvironmentalismSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 3100 – World PoliticsSSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 5101 – Conflict and Conflict ResolutionSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonSCL 3100 – Foundations of SociologySSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPLT 5205 – British Politics: Inside ParliamentSSCI (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityESH 101 – ShakespeareHUM (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5101 – The Black DeathHUM (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5606 – London & Its MuseumsHUM or ARTS (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5611 – Renaissance Art in London CollectionsARTS (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversitySBC 174 – Evolution & EcologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS ARLC 1035 – London: City of ArtARTS (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS DTSH 1805 – Introduction to Shakespeare in Text & PerformanceHUM or ARTS (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS LIUK 3205 – The London NovelHUM (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
ARH 5200A – Museums & Galleries of London: The Cultures of DisplayARTS (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
ARH 5400A – British Art & ArchitectureARTS (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
LIT 5405 – British Fantasy Literature: Magic MemoryHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordMAL8005-A – Communication & PresentationCOMM
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE4011-B – Introduction to MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE4010-B – Introduction to MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE5022-B – Intermediate MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Central LancashireC900 – Biological SciencesBSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Central LancashireVL69 – Religion, Culture & SocietySSCI or HUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolALGY400 – Castles & CathedralsHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolCLAH114 – Using Visual CultureHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolFILM103 – Hollywood & EuropeARTS (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolHISP112 – Women in Iberian & Latin American Literature & CultureDIVR (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolHLAC100 – Introduction to HeritageHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolIRIS109 – Warriors, Witches, & Legends: The Origins of IrelandHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolIRIS330 – Gender & Irish LawDIVR (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolENVS118 – Sedimentary Rocks and FossilsPSCI no/lab (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolENVS123 – Introduction to Geoscience and Earth HistoryPSCI no/lab (LD)
EnglandUniversity of ReadingIL2GICC – Intercultural Competence and CommunicationCOMM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of East LondonNo course # – Culture StudiesSSCI or HUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of East LondonNo course # – Human BiologyBSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Westminster1ENL425 – Art & SocietyHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Westminster2MMA412 – Modern Art in LondonARTS (LD)
FranceAIT Center – Marseille UniversiteENHAA 202 – History of Contemporary ArtARTS (LD)
FranceAmerican Business School – ParisFREN 320 – French CivilizationHUM (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisCOM 340 – Communication & Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisIRS 331 – Globalization: Politics, Culture & Global GovernanceDIVR or SSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPOL 320/HLT 320 – Comparative Health Care SystemsSSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPOL 362 – Current Political Issues in FranceSSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPHT301CDG – Photography in ParisARTS (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPHL 320/SUS 320 – Environmental Ethics: Humans, Culture & SustainabilitySSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisARH 430 – Impressionism & Post-ImpressionismARTS (UD)
FranceIPAG Business School – NiceAMKG0601 – Small Business DevelopmentCAPS (UD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolEVM 1010 - Social and Sustainable ResponsibilitySSCI (LD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolHUM 2200 - Technology, Society, and EnvironmentHUM (LD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolHUM 3020 - History and Culture of FranceHUM (UD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolPOS 2001 - Introduction to International RelationsSSCI (LD)
FranceUniversite Charles de GaulleNo course # – History of ArtsARTS (LD)
GermanyCIEE Center – Global Institute – BerlinARCH 3002 – German Architectural History & TheoryARTS (UD)
GermanyJacobs University032102 – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
GermanyJacobs University970152 – German Policies & CultureHUM (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – African Music & DanceARTS (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Global Governance & Human RightsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – People & CulturesDIVR (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Politics of Developing CountriesSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Social Service Delivery SystemsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Society, Government, PoliticsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaFILM 356 – Topics in Hispanic CinemaHUM or ARTS (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 2040 – History & Society in AsiaSSCI (LD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 3046 – Asian Migration & Global DiasporasDIVR (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 4042 – Social Movements in an Age of GlobalizationSSCI (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongGE 1138 - Exploring Hong Kong: History, Culture, and SocietyDIVR (LD)
IndonesiaBroadreach Bali Veterinary MedicineLNSCI 1001 – Animal ScienceBSCI (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityID 202 – The Cultural Heritage of Medieval SocietyHUM (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityID 201 – Introducing the Cultural Heritage of Early IrelandHUM (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityGY 324 – Women, Gender, & SocietyDIVR (LD)
IrelandQueens UniversityGEN 1005 – Genetics & Molecular BiologyBSCI (LD)
IrelandQueens UniversitySPY 1002 – Digital SocietySSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – CorkNT2004 – Principles of NutritionBSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinAH20010 – Irish PaintingARTS (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinAH20020 – Studies in Irish PaintingARTS (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinARCH20170 – Discovering Ireland: LandscapeHUM or SSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinEMIR20010 – Language in Early IrelandHUM (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinIRST10020 – Introducation to Irish Cultural StudentsHUM (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinIRST30150 – Ireland UncoveredSSCI (UD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinISRT20020 – Gender, Culture & Society in IrelandDIVR (LD)
IrelandUniversity of GalwayHIST 400 – Troubling the Past: The Place of History in Ireland’s Modern Emergence SSCI (UD)SSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeRLG 300 – Comparative World ReligionHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeARH 273 – Introduction to Italian ArtARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 314 – History of Food & Table MannersSSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 341 – History of FoodHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeLIT 329 – Classical MythologyHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomePLT 331 – Ethnicity & IdentitySSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeCOM 315 – History of Italian CinemaARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 311 – Rome Through the AgesHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHIST/POLI/SOCI 330 – Italian Mafias: History and EvolutionHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – The American International University – FlorenceARH 275 – Early Renaissance Florentine ArtARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – The American International University – FlorenceHST 350 – History of FlorenceHUM (UD)
ItalyAmerican University of RomeAHRE 106 – Sacred Space: Religious Architecture of RomeARTS (LD)
ItalyCEA Abroad – Rome CenterARH170 – Angels, Demons & Artists in Rome: Art through the AgesARTS (LD)
ItalyCEA Abroad – Rome CenterSOC320 – Critical Perspectives on Italy: Contemporary Culture & SocietySSCI (UD)
ItalyIES Center – MilanLT/MS 325 – Contemporary Composition in Italian Music and LiteratureHUM (UD)
ItalyIES Center – SienaCU/HS/AH 390 – Living Siena: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Tuscan CultureDIVR (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW DN IN 305 – Introduction to NutritionBSCI no/lab (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA PS EG 340 – Ethics of GlobalizationHUM or SSCI (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH HP 310 – History of PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH AH 210 – Introduction to Art HistoryARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA PD FS 225 – Florence SketchbookARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA CR HR 280 – Human Rights & International Criminal JusticeSSCI (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS FW 280 – Florentine Art WalksARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS IR 330 – The Medici Family: A Florentine DinastyHUM (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLSSOC1202 – Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW FC AF 301 – Food & Culture: Anthropology of FoodHUM (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsGSANCI 202- Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW FC FC 340 - Food, Culture, and Society in ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA CE CE 200 – Ceramics (beginner)ARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH DD 140- Introduction to Photography: From the Darkroom to DigitalARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS FW 280 - Florentine Art WalksARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH ID 180 - Introduction to Digital PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH AR 340 - Italian Renaissance ArchitectureARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH TP 225 - Introduction to Travel PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA AE GE 345 - Gallery and Exhibition CuratingARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLSSOCI GSANCI LAAHCI ISISCI 202 – Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityCL 290 – Ancient Eats: Food in Ancient RomeHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityCL/HS 231 – History of Ancient Rome and ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityAH 220 – Ancient Greek Art & ArchaeologyARTS or HUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityAH 290 – Ancient Rome & Its MonumentsARTS or HUM (LD)
ItalyUSAC TorinoItalian Cinema in English Translation: Twentieth-Century Italy Through the Lens of CinemaARTS (LD)
ItalyUSAC TorinoModern ArchitectureARTS (UD)
JapanCIEE KyotoANTH 3101 - Culture and Cuisine in JapanDIVR (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoCOMM 3009 - Media, Gender, IdentityEQJS (UD)
JapanCIEE KyotoRELI 3001 - Religion and SocietyHUM (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoTHES 3101 - Japanese TheaterARTS (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoVART 3001 - Japanese Manga ArtARTS (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityLIT265 – Modern Japanese Literature IHUM (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityMCC273 – Intercultural CommunicationCOM (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityIRL103 – Japan’s International RelationsSSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityARC101 – Introduction to Eastern ArtARTS (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityHST106 – History of Japan (Modern) IIISSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityMCC103 – Introduction to Cultural StudiesDIVR (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityTCP242 – Introduction to GeologyPSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityTCP244 – Laboratory in Field GeologyPSCI lab (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Anthropology of Gender & Sexual Diversity: Japan, Asia, & BeyondDIVR (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – The Struggle for JusticeSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Popular Culture as Social Practice: Fandoms, Subcultures, & The Rest of UsSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Japan & Globalization: A Cultural ApproachSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Documenting Japan: Film & Photography as Cultural DescriptionSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Japanese & Popular Media & CultureARTS or HUM (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Sexuality & Culture in Japan: Shifting Dimensions of Desire, Relationship, & SocietySSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Onna to Otoko: Gender & Sexuality in JapanDIVR (LD)
JapanSophia UniversitySOZ 470 – Contemporary Japanese SocietySSCI (UD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1640 – Contemporary Japanese HistoryHUM (LD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1750 – Aspects of Japanese Culture & HistoryHUM (LD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1670 – International Political History of East AsiaSSCI (LD)
JordanUniversity of JordanGenetics 0304281 – General GeneticsBSCI w/lab (LD)
JordanUniversity of JordanNo course # – Writing Research PapersWRTG (LD)
NetherlandsLeiden University5810MIDH – Introduction to the History of the NetherlandsHUM (LD)
NetherlandsLeiden University5482K2B01 – Tibetan BuddhismDIVR or HUM (LD)
New ZealandLincoln UniversityDESN 104 – History of Design and CultureARTS (LD)
New ZealandMassey University124.111 – Physics for Life SciencesPSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of AucklandANTHRO 103 – Musics of the World in Everyday LifeDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of AucklandANTHRO 104 – Peoples and Cultures of the PacificDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyCLAS 104 – Greek MythologiesHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyHIST 128-13S1 – New Zealand History from Waka to WetaSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyHIST 136 – Revolutions & RevolutionariesSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR 107/PACS 102 – Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori SocietyDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR 282 – Kapa Haka – Introducing Maori Performing ArtsARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyPHIL 132 – God, Mind, and FreedomHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyENGL 211 – Exceptional Americans: An Introducation to American LiteratureHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR171 – Science, Maori and Indigenous KnowledgeSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoARTH 114 – Interpreting ArtworksARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoGEND 101 – Gender in Everyday LifeDIVR or SSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPHIL 101 – Mind and RealityHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoVISC 101 – Introducation to Visual CultureARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS109 – Roman Social History: Slaves, Gladiators, ProstitutesSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS241 – Alexander the GreatHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS242 – Living & Dying in Classical AthensSSCI or HUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoGEOG 101 – Physical GeologyPSCI no/lab (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoMAOR 102 – Maori SocietySSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoMUSI 105- Music MattersARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoSOCI 101 – Sociology of New Zealand SocietySSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPOLS 101 – Basic Problems of Political PhilosophyHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPOLITICS 105 – Comparative Politics – IntroductionSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloARK2120 – Hunters & Gatherers & Stone Age TechnologyHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloPSY2120 – Social CognitionSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloHS2123 – The Cult of Saints in Norway & Iceland c. 950-1250HUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloNORINT0500 – Norwegian Life & SocietyHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloKUNE2005E – Edvard MunchHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSN1320 – Norwegian LiteratureHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF1143 – Art in NorwayARTS (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF1530 – Norwegian HistoryHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF2060 – Gender EqualityDIVR (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF2415 – Trends Scandinavian Film & TVARTS (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1753 – Norwegian Welfare StateSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1850 – Scandinavian Government & PoliticsSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1855 – International BusinessSSCI (LD)
PanamaSFS Center – PanamaSFS 3020 – Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic ValuesSSCI (UD)
PanamaSFS Center – PanamaSFS 3740 – Principles of Resource ManagementSSCI (UD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingEUC 9AA – Global CinemaARTS (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingHIS 951 – Kingship & Nationhood c. 1100-1513HUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingMATU9M4 – Practical StatisticsQUAN (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingREL 913 – Religion in CultureHUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingSPCU 912 – Social ProblemsSSCI (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENVU2LE – Landscape EvolutionPSCI no/lab (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENGU9WL – Writing & LanguageHUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENGU902 – Introduction to Literary Studies: Theories & ApproachesHUM (LD)
South AfricaAIFS Center – Stellenbosch UniversitySSA 202/302 – Introduction to South Africa’s Political HistoryDIVR (LD)
South AfricaAIFS Center – Stellenbosch UniversitySSA 211/311 – Ethics, Science & Culture in Philosophical PerspectiveHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University11051 – Rhetoric & CompositionWRTG (LD)
South KoreaEwha University20198 – EthicsHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34127 – Basic CeramicsARTS (LD)
South KoreaEwha University36886 – Critical Thinking & Moral TheoriesHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University20416 – General ChemistryPSCI no/lab (LD)
South KoreaEwha University10811 – Research WritingWRTG (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34126 – DrawingARTS (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34975- Speech & DebateCOMM (LD)
South KoreaEwha UniversityNo course #- Introduction to World Music & CultureARTS (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Understanding to Fine ArtARTS (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Gender in SocietySSCI (LD)
South KoreaKookmin University36775 – Globalization: Markets, Places, & PeopleHUM (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Modern & Postmodern CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course #- Understanding Korean SocietySSCI (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course #- Introduction to Modern Korean LiteratureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityENGL111 – British/American Popular Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Science FictionHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGELA 141 – Cultures and Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking WorldHUM or EQJS (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGESO 158 – Diversity in a Global SocietyDIVR (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGKSS 204 - Understanding Korean CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGKSS 205 - Understanding Korean SocietyHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversitySPGE 176 – Introduction to Korean History and CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaYonsei UniversityNo course # – Introduction to Art HistoryHUM (LD)
South KoreaYonsei UniversityNo course # – Introduction to Western Classical MusicARTS (LD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 312 – Spain of Three CulturesHUM (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 322 – Survey of Art, Culture & Religion in the Golden AgeARTS (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 325 – The Literature & Legends of Seville Made Alive 1: Centuries 1-17HUM (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 326 – The Literature of Legends of Seville Made Alive II: Centuries 19-PresentHUM (UD)
SpainAIFS Center - ValenciaUCV-33 – b. Culture and Society of Contemporary SpainHUM (LD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaHIST 3003 – Past & Present in BarcelonaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaARH371 – Meaning & Mystery in European PaintingHUM or ARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaENG367 – Travelers, Exiles & Tourists: The Search for Identity & Self in Literary & Filmic ExpressionHUM or ARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaJRN330 – International Journalism & Global MediaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaPSY320 – Intercultural Interaction: A Psychological PerspectiveDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaSOC323 – Exploring Europe: Understanding Its Cultures, Societies, & Political DynamicsDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaCUL350 – Spanish Civilization & CultureHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaCUL363 – Heroes in the 21st century: Understanding the World Through TV ShowsHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleARH460SVQ – Architecture & Painting in SevilleARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleCUL330SVQ – Popular Culture in Spain: AndalusiaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleCOM 340 – Communication and Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleSOC330 – Cultural Values & Stereotypes: Spain & the USDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevillePHT301BCN – Photography in BarcelonaARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleARH334 – Contemporary Architecture in BarcelonaARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center - University of New HavenPOL 360 - History, Politics, and SocietySSCI (UD)
SpainIAU College – BarcelonaART 387 – 20th Century Art in Barcelona: Dali, Gaudi, Miro & PicassoARTS (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaAN/SO 320A – Sports & Society in SpainSSCI – (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS/IC 260 – Cross-Cultural PsychologySSCI (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS 350 – Human Development in the Spanish Socio-Cultural ContextSSCI (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS 410 – Cultural Perspective in PsychologyDIVR (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaLT 361 – Women in Mediterranean LiteratureHUM (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - The Iberian Peninsula: Cultures and Religions Through the ArtsARTS or HUM (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - Understanding Photography: Decoding the Still ImageARTS (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - Internship Seminar: Leading Across CulturesDIVR (LD)
SpainISA Center – Universidad de DeustoNo course # – Basque Culture and LanguageDIVR (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridCOMM 3301 – Intercultural Communication & LeadershipCOMM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid22928 – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Art History IIARTS (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Film CriticismHUM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Contemporary Artistic MovementsHUM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid13533 – European CinemaHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1288 – Spanish Literature, PoetryHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1274 – History of the Spanish Language IHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1280 – History of the Spanish Language IIHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1285 – Spanish Literature 18th & 19th Centuries (I)HUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo-SantanderNo course # – Art HistoryARTS (LD)
SpainUniversidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo-SantanderNo course # – Spanish & Latin American LiteratureHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Inequality, Poverty, & GlobalitzationSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Spanish Art & Cultural HeritageHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Spanish Contemporary ArtHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Great Art Collections in SpainHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Political Economy of European IntegrationSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Seven Wonders of Spain, Spanish Architecture HistoryHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaIRS330 – Spain & America: A Special RelationshipSSCI (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaARCH 329 – Barcelona: City Planning and ArchitectureHUM (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaART 340 – The Seven Wonders of Spain, Spanish Architectural HistoryARTS (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Urban Interventions, Graffiti & Public SculptureARTS (UD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Gender & CommunicationsCOMM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Culture of English Speaking CountriesSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Cultural HeritageHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosNo course # – European Art II: From the Seventeenth CenturyARTS (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleARH 460 – Architecture & Painting in SevilleARTS (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleCOM 340(A) – Communication & Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGEN 320SVQ – Gender Roles in Present Day SpainDIVR (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGS-03 – Great Masters & The Major Artistic Tendencies in Spain during the 20th CenturyHUM (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGS-09 – Politics on the Big Screen: Film as Propaganda Throughout HistorySSCI or HUM (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleHIS/SOC 362 – Slavery in Latin America & the CaribbeanDIVR or HUM (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleSPN 353 SVQ – Spanish CinemaARTS (UD)
SpainUSAC Center – BilboaNo course # – Survey of Art I: European/ Western ArtARTS (LD)
SpainUSAC Center – ValenciaBiol 190 – Biology I Introduction to Cell and Molecular BiologyBSCI no lab (LD)
SpainUniversity of ValenciaNo course # – Spanish Culture & CivilizationHUM (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,794 – Arts and EconomicsSSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen3,760 – Cognitive Psychology of Responsible BehaviourSSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,792 – Economics and PsychologySSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,388 – Political Science Fundamentals of International RelationsSSCI (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityBIOL 450E – Tropical Plant EcologyBSCI no lab (UD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityPHIL/RST no course# – Buddhism in ThailandHUM (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityPSC no course# – Peace and ConflictSSCI (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Buddhist PhilosophyHUM (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Global Health IssuesDIVR (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Thai CivilizationSSCI (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityANTH/SOC no course #- Social and Cultural Dynamics in ThailandDIVR (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 255 – Introduction to OceanographyPSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 301 – Functional HistologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 314 – Tropical EcologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICEM 101 – Introduction to AnimationARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICFM 351 – Film CriticismHUM (UD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 105 – Music AppreciationARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 106 – Moral and Ethical StudiesHUM (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 140 – Introduction to Art TheoryARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 141 – Art Appreciation IARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 218 – Film StudiesARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 223 – Thai ArtsARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 153 – Ecosystems & Natural ResourcesBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 154 – Science, Technology, and EnvironmentSSCI (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 171 – Scientific Approach & SocietySCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICSS 119 – Introduction to International StudiesSSCI (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityFA 122 – History of Art & Design IIARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityCD 202 – Multimedia ToolsARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityBIO 102 – BiologyBSCI (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityRC 204 – Film Language & CriticismARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityKADH CCCO 350 – Istanbul: City of Contrast & CoexistenceDIVR (UD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityFA 328 – Representing the VisualARTS (UD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityNM 104 – Key Concepts in New MediaSSCI (LD)
Semester At SeaColorado State UniversityART 100 – Intro to the Visual Arts (Shaping Spaces - Comparative Architecture East and West)ARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaColorado State UniversitySOC 105 – Social ProblemsDIVR (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoMU 230 – Music of Black AmericansARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoPHIL 171 – Religions of the WestHUM (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoART 135 – Introduction to DrawingARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoPHIL 270 – Issues in Study of Religion: Religion in Latin AmericaHUM (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoECON 204 – Principles of MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
Sea MesterUniversity of South FloridaOCB 1001 – Introduction to Marine BiologyBSCI no lab (LD)
Sea MesterUniversity of South FloridaOCE 1001 – Introduction to OceanographyPSCI no lab (LD)