Education Abroad Equivalencies

Planning to study abroad while a student at WSU? Some of your coursework completed abroad may satisfy UCORE requirements.

Please note the following:

Any WSU UCORE course taught by a WSU professor in an Education Abroad context will automatically satisfy the corresponding UCORE designation. There is no need to seek pre-approval.

UCORE CAPS courses must be taken “in residence,” which is defined as a course taught on a WSU campus or a course taught by a WSU professor on a non-WSU campus.

CountryUniversityCourseUCORE (Lower (LD) or Upper (UD) Division)
ArgentinaCEA Center – Buenos AiresGEN331EZE/SOC351EZE - Gender and Body Politics in Latin AmericaDIVR (UD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2065QCM – Popular Music: Roots to RapARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast1088LHS – First PeoplesDIVR (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2109QCM – Technology & MusicARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast1104QCM – Popular Music & Cultural ContextARTS (LD)
AustraliaGriffith University – Gold Coast2011EMV – Anthropological PerspectivesSSCI (LD)
AustraliaDeakin UniversityACV114 – Art & TechnologyARTS (LD)
AustraliaDeakin UniversitySLE111 – Cells & GenesBSCI (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityAR 1001- The World of ArchaeologyDIVR (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityHI 2191 – Australian HistoryDIVR (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityNM 1400 – Introduction to DesignARTS (LD)
AustraliaJames Cook UniversityNM 1200 – Digital PhotographyARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideANTH 2038 – Anthropology of Health & MedicineBSCI w/lab or no lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideASIA 2015 – Australia & the Asia-PacificSSCI (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of AdelaideHIST 2070 – Aftermath: Aboriginal Lives in 20th Century AustraliaHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandGEOL 110 – Geology and the EnvironmentPSCI w/lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandGEPL 111 – Earth in CrisisBSCI (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandHIST 151 – Modern AustraliaHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandIDIG 101 – Australia’s First People’s Contemporary IssuesDIVR (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of New EnglandZOOL 220 – EntomologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyKOCR2600 – Indigenous Australia: An IntroductionDIVR (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyEDUF3034 – Australian Theatre, Film & LearningARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyUSSC 2604 – Sex, Race, and Rock in the USAHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyCAEL1001 – Contemporary Drawing: Experimental Work ARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of SydneyWORK3205 –
Organizational Communication Work
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongAUST101 – Australian Studies: Culture & IdentitiesHUM (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongCAVA111 – Visual Arts Studio Workshop AARTS (LD)
AustraliaUniversity of WollongongECON111 – Introductory MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeCMM 101E – Introduction to Human CommunicationCOM (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeECN 201E – MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeECN 211E – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeMTH 140E – Mathematics for Business & EconomicsQUAN (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegePOL 101E – Introduction to Political Concepts and TheoriesSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegePOL 103E – Inquiry in International AffairsSSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeSOC 101E – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
BelgiumVesalius CollegeSTA 201E – Intermediary StatisticsQUAN (LD)
ChileAdolfo IbanezHIST 315 – Latin America Culture & IdentityHUM or DIVR (LD)
ChileAdolfo IbanezHIST 335 – Economic Development in Latin AmericaSSCI or Econ Elective (UD)
ChilePontificia Universidad Catolica De ValparaisoPIIE 530 – Resistance, Appropriation & Sustainability: Cross-Cultural Encounters with the Native Mapuche PeopleDIVR (UD)
ChinaEast China Normal UniversitySOC 11 – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
ChinaEast China Normal UniversitySOC 23 – Race & Ethnic RelationsSSCI (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – World HistoryHUM (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – Earth & Its Environment (with Lab)PSCI w/lab (LD)
ChinaJinan UniversityNo course # – Introduction to PhilosophyHUM (LD)
ChinaUSAC Center – ChengduNo course #- Chinese CalligraphyARTS (LD)
ChinaUSAC Center – ShanghaiNo course # – China Phenomenon: Society, Politics, and BusinessSSCI (LD)
Costa RicaCEA Center – Veritas UniversidadCOM340 – Communication & Global CompetenceCOM (UD)
Costa RicaCEA Center – Veritas UniversidadDNCE 2500 – Theory of Latin American Tropical DanceARTS (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePSY 2200 – Health PsychologySSCI (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseARCH 3200 – Tropical Design & ArchitectureARTS (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseARCH 3112- Latin American Architecture & ArtARTS (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseART 2130- Mural Painting & Public ArtARTS (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseCOMM 3200- Intercultural CommunicationDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseETH 3100- Selected Topics in Afro-Caribbean StudiesDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JoseHIS 2302 – Latin American HistorySSCI (LD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePOL 3100- Costa Rican Tradition: Peace & DemocracySSCI or HUM (UD)
Costa RicaISA Center – Veritas Universidad – San JosePSY 3050- Cultural PsychologySSCI (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – San RamonCHS – Global HealthDIVR (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – PuntarenasBIOL 204 – Introducation to Tropical Marine Biology and Tropical Marine Biology: Field Studies (Must take both)BSCI w/lab (UD)
Costa RicaUSAC Center – PuntarenasART 204 – Survey Art I: Pre-Columbian Art & CulturesHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversityART 131 – Prague Art & ArchitectureARTS (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversityART 101 – Art History IARTS (LD)
Czech RepublicAnglo-American UniversitySOC 100 – Introduction to SociologySSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicAIFS Center – University of Economics – PragueHistory 327 – Cultural History of Czech LandsHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Czech Social & Economic Transformation After 1989: Winners & LosersSSCI (UD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Stalinism In Eastern EuropeSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Alternative Culture, Literature, Music, & LifestylesSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Gender Studies: A Global PerspectiveSSCI (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – Contemporary Jewish Religious ThoughtHUM (LD)
Czech RepublicCharles UniversityNo course # – The Image of Prague: Literature, Architecture, & Cultural HistoryHUM (LD)
DenmarkAarhus University515151U007 - Behavioral BiologyBSCI (LD) - no lab
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Afro-Caribbean CulturesDIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Contemporary Dominican LiteratureHUM or DIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Introduction to Dominican FolkloreDIVR (LD)
Dominican RepublicPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y MaestraNo course # – Latin American Culture & SocietyDIVR (LD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversityGI4004S – Introduction to International DevelopmentSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversitySJ5001S – History of Critical Thinking Part 2HUM (UD)
EnglandLondon Metropolitan UniversityGI4005S – Introduction to International RelationsSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversitySP-6-1112 – American Politics: Ideology, Culture, & PowerSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityDSS-5-TES – The Environment, Sustainability & PoliticsSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityDS-6- Equality, Social Justice & Social ChangeDIVR (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityFBS-5-202 – Human Evolution, Physiology & BehaviourBSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityASC-4-409-1516 – Nutrition Health & DiseaseBSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityUEL 4 SAW – Society and WelfareSSCI (LD)
EnglandLondon South Bank UniversityAMC_5_LCC – London: City of ChangeHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityHIST 20117 – The Age of ReformationHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityENGL 21512 – Renaissance LiteratureHUM (LD)
EnglandNottingham Trent UniversityEURO 11451 – Introduction to European StudiesHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 5200 – Museums and Galleries of LondonARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 4200 – Introduction to Arts Across CulturesARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 4205 – Film in the AmericasARTS (LD/UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 4200 – Introduction to Film StudiesARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPSY 5415 – Psychology and CinemaARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 5210 – History of DesignARTS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonGEP 3150 – Visual ThinkingARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonAVC 4205 – Introduction to Visual CultureARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonADM 3160 – Foundations in PhotographyARTS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonENV 4100 – Endangered Species: Ecology and ConservationBSCI (no lab) (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonGEP 4105 – Social Change in PracticeCOMM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCOM 4105 – Worlds of MusicDIVR (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 5445 – Black LondonEQJS (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonDEV 4100 – Rich World/Poor WorldEQJS (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCOM 4115 – Digital SocietyHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonFLM 5420 – Post-Apocalyptic WorldsHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 3205 – The Global Cold WarHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 4405 – History of FashionHUM (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonHST 5400 – History of LondonHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 5105 – International Human RightsHUM (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 4120 – Probability and Statistics 1QUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 3111 – Functions with ApplicationsQUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonMTH 4110 – Calculus with ApplicationsQUAN (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonCRM 5400 – Terrorism and CounterterrorismSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 6210 – The Politics of International LawSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 4101 – Global Politics in the 21st CenturySSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPLT 5103 – Politics of EnvironmentalismSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 3100 – World PoliticsSSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonINR 5101 – Conflict and Conflict ResolutionSSCI (UD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonSCL 3100 – Foundations of SociologySSCI (LD)
EnglandRichmond American University LondonPLT 5205 – British Politics: Inside ParliamentSSCI (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityESH 101 – ShakespeareHUM (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5101 – The Black DeathHUM (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5606 – London & Its MuseumsHUM or ARTS (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityHST 5611 – Renaissance Art in London CollectionsARTS (UD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversitySBC 174 – Evolution & EcologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS ARLC 1035 – London: City of ArtARTS (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS DTSH 1805 – Introduction to Shakespeare in Text & PerformanceHUM or ARTS (LD)
EnglandQueen Mary UniversityLONS LIUK 3205 – The London NovelHUM (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
ARH 5200A – Museums & Galleries of London: The Cultures of DisplayARTS (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
ARH 5400A – British Art & ArchitectureARTS (UD)
EnglandThe American International University
Richmond, London
LIT 5405 – British Fantasy Literature: Magic MemoryHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordMAL8005-A – Communication & PresentationCOMM
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE4011-B – Introduction to MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE4010-B – Introduction to MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of BradfordAFE5022-B – Intermediate MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Central LancashireC900 – Biological SciencesBSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Central LancashireVL69 – Religion, Culture & SocietySSCI or HUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolALGY400 – Castles & CathedralsHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolCLAH114 – Using Visual CultureHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolFILM103 – Hollywood & EuropeARTS (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolHISP112 – Women in Iberian & Latin American Literature & CultureDIVR (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolHLAC100 – Introduction to HeritageHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolIRIS109 – Warriors, Witches, & Legends: The Origins of IrelandHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolIRIS330 – Gender & Irish LawDIVR (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolENVS118 – Sedimentary Rocks and FossilsPSCI no/lab (LD)
EnglandUniversity of LiverpoolENVS123 – Introduction to Geoscience and Earth HistoryPSCI no/lab (LD)
EnglandUniversity of ReadingIL2GICC – Intercultural Competence and CommunicationCOMM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of East LondonNo course # – Culture StudiesSSCI or HUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of East LondonNo course # – Human BiologyBSCI (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Westminster1ENL425 – Art & SocietyHUM (LD)
EnglandUniversity of Westminster2MMA412 – Modern Art in LondonARTS (LD)
FranceAIT Center – Marseille UniversiteENHAA 202 – History of Contemporary ArtARTS (LD)
FranceAmerican Business School – ParisFREN 320 – French CivilizationHUM (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisCOM 340 – Communication & Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisIRS 331 – Globalization: Politics, Culture & Global GovernanceDIVR or SSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPOL 320/HLT 320 – Comparative Health Care SystemsSSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPOL 362 – Current Political Issues in FranceSSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPHT301CDG – Photography in ParisARTS (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisPHL 320/SUS 320 – Environmental Ethics: Humans, Culture & SustainabilitySSCI (UD)
FranceCEA Center – ParisARH 430 – Impressionism & Post-ImpressionismARTS (UD)
FranceIPAG Business School – NiceAMKG0601 – Small Business DevelopmentCAPS (UD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolEVM 1010 - Social and Sustainable ResponsibilitySSCI (LD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolHUM 2200 - Technology, Society, and EnvironmentHUM (LD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolHUM 3020 - History and Culture of FranceHUM (UD)
FranceSKEMA Business SchoolPOS 2001 - Introduction to International RelationsSSCI (LD)
FranceUniversite Charles de GaulleNo course # – History of ArtsARTS (LD)
GermanyCIEE Center – Global Institute – BerlinARCH 3002 – German Architectural History & TheoryARTS (UD)
GermanyJacobs University032102 – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
GermanyJacobs University970152 – German Policies & CultureHUM (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – African Music & DanceARTS (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Global Governance & Human RightsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – People & CulturesDIVR (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Politics of Developing CountriesSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Social Service Delivery SystemsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaNo course # – Society, Government, PoliticsSSCI (LD)
GhanaUniversity of GhanaFILM 356 – Topics in Hispanic CinemaHUM or ARTS (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 2040 – History & Society in AsiaSSCI (LD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 3046 – Asian Migration & Global DiasporasDIVR (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongAIS 4042 – Social Movements in an Age of GlobalizationSSCI (UD)
Hong KongCity University of Hong KongGE 1138 - Exploring Hong Kong: History, Culture, and SocietyDIVR (LD)
HungaryCorvinus University293NARTV301B - Budapest in the Twentieth Century: Historian layers and Cultural PracticesDIVR (UD)
IndonesiaBroadreach Bali Veterinary MedicineLNSCI 1001 – Animal ScienceBSCI (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityID 202 – The Cultural Heritage of Medieval SocietyHUM (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityID 201 – Introducing the Cultural Heritage of Early IrelandHUM (LD)
IrelandMaynooth UniversityGY 324 – Women, Gender, & SocietyDIVR (LD)
IrelandQueens UniversityGEN 1005 – Genetics & Molecular BiologyBSCI (LD)
IrelandQueens UniversitySPY 1002 – Digital SocietySSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – CorkNT2004 – Principles of NutritionBSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinAH20010 – Irish PaintingARTS (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinAH20020 – Studies in Irish PaintingARTS (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinARCH20170 – Discovering Ireland: LandscapeHUM or SSCI (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinEMIR20010 – Language in Early IrelandHUM (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinIRST10020 – Introducation to Irish Cultural StudentsHUM (LD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinIRST30150 – Ireland UncoveredSSCI (UD)
IrelandUniversity College – DublinISRT20020 – Gender, Culture & Society in IrelandDIVR (LD)
IrelandUniversity of GalwayHIST 400 – Troubling the Past: The Place of History in Ireland’s Modern Emergence SSCI (UD)SSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeRLG 300 – Comparative World ReligionHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeARH 273 – Introduction to Italian ArtARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 314 – History of Food & Table MannersSSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 341 – History of FoodHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeLIT 329 – Classical MythologyHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomePLT 331 – Ethnicity & IdentitySSCI (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeCOM 315 – History of Italian CinemaARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHST 311 – Rome Through the AgesHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – Study Abroad in RomeHIST/POLI/SOCI 330 – Italian Mafias: History and EvolutionHUM (UD)
ItalyAIFS Center – The American International University – FlorenceARH 275 – Early Renaissance Florentine ArtARTS (LD)
ItalyAIFS Center – The American International University – FlorenceHST 350 – History of FlorenceHUM (UD)
ItalyAmerican University of RomeAHRE 106 – Sacred Space: Religious Architecture of RomeARTS (LD)
ItalyCEA Abroad – Rome CenterARH170 – Angels, Demons & Artists in Rome: Art through the AgesARTS (LD)
ItalyCEA Abroad – Rome CenterSOC320 – Critical Perspectives on Italy: Contemporary Culture & SocietySSCI (UD)
ItalyIES Center – MilanLT/MS 325 – Contemporary Composition in Italian Music and LiteratureHUM (UD)
ItalyIES Center – SienaCU/HS/AH 390 – Living Siena: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Tuscan CultureDIVR (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW DN IN 160 - Lifetime Nutrition, Wellness, and Physical ActivityBSCI (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW DN IN 305 – Introduction to NutritionBSCI no/lab (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA PS EG 340 – Ethics of GlobalizationHUM or SSCI (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH HP 310 – History of PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH AH 210 – Introduction to Art HistoryARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA PD FS 225 – Florence SketchbookARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA CR HR 280 – Human Rights & International Criminal JusticeSSCI (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS FW 280 – Florentine Art WalksARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS IR 330 – The Medici Family: A Florentine DinastyHUM (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLSSOC1202 – Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW FC AF 301 – Food & Culture: Anthropology of FoodHUM (UD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsGSANCI 202- Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFW FC FC 340 - Food, Culture, and Society in ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA CE CE 200 – Ceramics (beginner)ARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH DD 140- Introduction to Photography: From the Darkroom to DigitalARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA HS FW 280 - Florentine Art WalksARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH ID 180 - Introduction to Digital PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLA AH AR 340 - Italian Renaissance ArchitectureARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsDI PH TP 225 - Introduction to Travel PhotographyARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsFA AE GE 345 - Gallery and Exhibition CuratingARTS (LD)
ItalyFlorence University of the ArtsLSSOCI GSANCI LAAHCI ISISCI 202 – Cultural Introduction to ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityCL 290 – Ancient Eats: Food in Ancient RomeHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityCL/HS 231 – History of Ancient Rome and ItalyHUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityAH 220 – Ancient Greek Art & ArchaeologyARTS or HUM (LD)
ItalyJohn Cabot UniversityAH 290 – Ancient Rome & Its MonumentsARTS or HUM (LD)
ItalyUSAC TorinoItalian Cinema in English Translation: Twentieth-Century Italy Through the Lens of CinemaARTS (LD)
ItalyUSAC TorinoModern ArchitectureARTS (UD)
JapanCIEE KyotoANTH 3101 - Culture and Cuisine in JapanDIVR (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoCOMM 3009 - Media, Gender, IdentityEQJS (UD)
JapanCIEE KyotoRELI 3001 - Religion and SocietyHUM (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoTHES 3101 - Japanese TheaterARTS (LD)
JapanCIEE KyotoVART 3001 - Japanese Manga ArtARTS (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityLIT265 – Modern Japanese Literature IHUM (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityMCC273 – Intercultural CommunicationCOM (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityIRL103 – Japan’s International RelationsSSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityARC101 – Introduction to Eastern ArtARTS (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityHST106 – History of Japan (Modern) IIISSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityMCC103 – Introduction to Cultural StudiesDIVR (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityTCP242 – Introduction to GeologyPSCI (LD)
JapanInternational Christian UniversityTCP244 – Laboratory in Field GeologyPSCI lab (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Anthropology of Gender & Sexual Diversity: Japan, Asia, & BeyondDIVR (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – The Struggle for JusticeSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Popular Culture as Social Practice: Fandoms, Subcultures, & The Rest of UsSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Japan & Globalization: A Cultural ApproachSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Documenting Japan: Film & Photography as Cultural DescriptionSSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Japanese & Popular Media & CultureARTS or HUM (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Sexuality & Culture in Japan: Shifting Dimensions of Desire, Relationship, & SocietySSCI (LD)
JapanKansai Gaidai UniversityNo course # – Onna to Otoko: Gender & Sexuality in JapanDIVR (LD)
JapanSophia UniversitySOZ 470 – Contemporary Japanese SocietySSCI (UD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1640 – Contemporary Japanese HistoryHUM (LD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1750 – Aspects of Japanese Culture & HistoryHUM (LD)
JapanMusashi UniversityC1670 – International Political History of East AsiaSSCI (LD)
JordanUniversity of JordanGenetics 0304281 – General GeneticsBSCI w/lab (LD)
JordanUniversity of JordanNo course # – Writing Research PapersWRTG (LD)
NetherlandsLeiden University5810MIDH – Introduction to the History of the NetherlandsHUM (LD)
NetherlandsLeiden University5482K2B01 – Tibetan BuddhismDIVR or HUM (LD)
New ZealandLincoln UniversityDESN 104 – History of Design and CultureARTS (LD)
New ZealandMassey University124.111 – Physics for Life SciencesPSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of AucklandANTHRO 103 – Musics of the World in Everyday LifeDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of AucklandANTHRO 104 – Peoples and Cultures of the PacificDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of AucklandANTHRO 106 - Global Sound Cultures: Musics, Places, and PeopleDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyCLAS 104 – Greek MythologiesHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyHIST 128-13S1 – New Zealand History from Waka to WetaSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyHIST 136 – Revolutions & RevolutionariesSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR 107/PACS 102 – Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori SocietyDIVR (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR 282 – Kapa Haka – Introducing Maori Performing ArtsARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyPHIL 132 – God, Mind, and FreedomHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyENGL 211 – Exceptional Americans: An Introducation to American LiteratureHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of CanterburyMAOR171 – Science, Maori and Indigenous KnowledgeSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoARTH 114 – Interpreting ArtworksARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoGEND 101 – Gender in Everyday LifeDIVR or SSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPHIL 101 – Mind and RealityHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoVISC 101 – Introducation to Visual CultureARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS109 – Roman Social History: Slaves, Gladiators, ProstitutesSSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS241 – Alexander the GreatHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoCLAS242 – Living & Dying in Classical AthensSSCI or HUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoGEOG 101 – Physical GeologyPSCI no/lab (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoMAOR 102 – Maori SocietySSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoMUSI 105- Music MattersARTS (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoSOCI 101 – Sociology of New Zealand SocietySSCI (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPOLS 101 – Basic Problems of Political PhilosophyHUM (LD)
New ZealandUniversity of OtagoPOLITICS 105 – Comparative Politics – IntroductionSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloARK2120 – Hunters & Gatherers & Stone Age TechnologyHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloPSY2120 – Social CognitionSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloHS2123 – The Cult of Saints in Norway & Iceland c. 950-1250HUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloNORINT0500 – Norwegian Life & SocietyHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloKUNE2005E – Edvard MunchHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSN1320 – Norwegian LiteratureHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF1143 – Art in NorwayARTS (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF1530 – Norwegian HistoryHUM (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF2060 – Gender EqualityDIVR (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSHF2415 – Trends Scandinavian Film & TVARTS (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1753 – Norwegian Welfare StateSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1850 – Scandinavian Government & PoliticsSSCI (LD)
NorwayUniversity of OsloISSV1855 – International BusinessSSCI (LD)
PanamaSFS Center – PanamaSFS 3020 – Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic ValuesSSCI (UD)
PanamaSFS Center – PanamaSFS 3740 – Principles of Resource ManagementSSCI (UD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingEUC 9AA – Global CinemaARTS (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingHIS 951 – Kingship & Nationhood c. 1100-1513HUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingMATU9M4 – Practical StatisticsQUAN (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingREL 913 – Religion in CultureHUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingSPCU 912 – Social ProblemsSSCI (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENVU2LE – Landscape EvolutionPSCI no/lab (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENGU9WL – Writing & LanguageHUM (LD)
ScotlandUniversity of StirlingENGU902 – Introduction to Literary Studies: Theories & ApproachesHUM (LD)
South AfricaAIFS Center – Stellenbosch UniversitySSA 202/302 – Introduction to South Africa’s Political HistoryDIVR (LD)
South AfricaAIFS Center – Stellenbosch UniversitySSA 211/311 – Ethics, Science & Culture in Philosophical PerspectiveHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University11051 – Rhetoric & CompositionWRTG (LD)
South KoreaEwha University20198 – EthicsHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34127 – Basic CeramicsARTS (LD)
South KoreaEwha University36886 – Critical Thinking & Moral TheoriesHUM (LD)
South KoreaEwha University20416 – General ChemistryPSCI no/lab (LD)
South KoreaEwha University10811 – Research WritingWRTG (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34126 – DrawingARTS (LD)
South KoreaEwha University34975- Speech & DebateCOMM (LD)
South KoreaEwha UniversityNo course #- Introduction to World Music & CultureARTS (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Understanding to Fine ArtARTS (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Gender in SocietySSCI (LD)
South KoreaKookmin University36775 – Globalization: Markets, Places, & PeopleHUM (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course # – Modern & Postmodern CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course #- Understanding Korean SocietySSCI (LD)
South KoreaKookmin UniversityNo course #- Introduction to Modern Korean LiteratureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityENGL111 – British/American Popular Literature: Utopian and Dystopian Science FictionHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGELA 141 – Cultures and Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking WorldHUM or EQJS (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGESO 158 – Diversity in a Global SocietyDIVR (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGKSS 204 - Understanding Korean CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversityGKSS 205 - Understanding Korean SocietyHUM (LD)
South KoreaKorea UniversitySPGE 176 – Introduction to Korean History and CultureHUM (LD)
South KoreaYonsei UniversityNo course # – Introduction to Art HistoryHUM (LD)
South KoreaYonsei UniversityNo course # – Introduction to Western Classical MusicARTS (LD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 312 – Spain of Three CulturesHUM (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 322 – Survey of Art, Culture & Religion in the Golden AgeARTS (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 325 – The Literature & Legends of Seville Made Alive 1: Centuries 1-17HUM (UD)
SpainAcento de Trinity (Trinity Christian College)SIS 326 – The Literature of Legends of Seville Made Alive II: Centuries 19-PresentHUM (UD)
SpainAIFS Center - ValenciaUCV-33 – b. Culture and Society of Contemporary SpainHUM (LD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaHIST 3003 – Past & Present in BarcelonaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaARH371 – Meaning & Mystery in European PaintingHUM or ARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaENG367 – Travelers, Exiles & Tourists: The Search for Identity & Self in Literary & Filmic ExpressionHUM or ARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaJRN330 – International Journalism & Global MediaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaPSY320 – Intercultural Interaction: A Psychological PerspectiveDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaSOC323 – Exploring Europe: Understanding Its Cultures, Societies, & Political DynamicsDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaCUL350 – Spanish Civilization & CultureHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – BarcelonaCUL363 – Heroes in the 21st century: Understanding the World Through TV ShowsHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleARH460SVQ – Architecture & Painting in SevilleARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleCUL330SVQ – Popular Culture in Spain: AndalusiaHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center - SevilleCUL340SVQ - Food and Culture in SpainHUM (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleCOM 340 – Communication and Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleSOC330 – Cultural Values & Stereotypes: Spain & the USDIVR (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevillePHT301BCN – Photography in BarcelonaARTS (UD)
SpainCEA Center – SevilleARH334 – Contemporary Architecture in BarcelonaARTS (UD)
SpainCEA CAPA - University of New HavenHIS336/BCN / CUL336BCN - Cultural History of Spain: From Dictatorship to the Digital Era DIVR (LD)
SpainCEA Center - University of New HavenPOL 360 - History, Politics, and SocietySSCI (UD)
SpainIAU College – BarcelonaART 387 – 20th Century Art in Barcelona: Dali, Gaudi, Miro & PicassoARTS (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaAN/SO 320A – Sports & Society in SpainSSCI – (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS/IC 260 – Cross-Cultural PsychologySSCI (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS 350 – Human Development in the Spanish Socio-Cultural ContextSSCI (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaPS 410 – Cultural Perspective in PsychologyDIVR (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – BarcelonaLT 361 – Women in Mediterranean LiteratureHUM (UD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - The Iberian Peninsula: Cultures and Religions Through the ArtsARTS or HUM (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - Understanding Photography: Decoding the Still ImageARTS (LD)
SpainIES Abroad – MadridNo course # - Internship Seminar: Leading Across CulturesDIVR (LD)
SpainISA Center – Universidad de DeustoNo course # – Basque Culture and LanguageDIVR (LD)
SpainSalesian University Institute of VeniceRenaissance Art and ArchitectureARTS (LD)
SpainSalesian University Institute of VeniceItalian CultureDIVR (LD)
SpainSalesian University Institute of VeniceFood and CultureHUM (LD)
SpainSalesian University Institute of VeniceGlobal Political EconomySSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridCOMM 3301 – Intercultural Communication & LeadershipCOMM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid22928 – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Art History IIARTS (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – MicroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Film CriticismHUM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de MadridNo course # – Contemporary Artistic MovementsHUM (UD)
SpainUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid13533 – European CinemaHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad Católica de ValenciaUCV-33 - Culture and Society in Contemporary SpainDIVR (UD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1288 – Spanish Literature, PoetryHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1274 – History of the Spanish Language IHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1280 – History of the Spanish Language IIHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de Murcia1285 – Spanish Literature 18th & 19th Centuries (I)HUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo-SantanderNo course # – Art HistoryARTS (LD)
SpainUniversidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo-SantanderNo course # – Spanish & Latin American LiteratureHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Inequality, Poverty, & GlobalitzationSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Spanish Art & Cultural HeritageHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Spanish Contemporary ArtHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Great Art Collections in SpainHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Political Economy of European IntegrationSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – The Seven Wonders of Spain, Spanish Architecture HistoryHUM (LD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaIRS330 – Spain & America: A Special RelationshipSSCI (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaARCH 329 – Barcelona: City Planning and ArchitectureHUM (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaART 340 – The Seven Wonders of Spain, Spanish Architectural HistoryARTS (UD)
SpainUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaNo course # – Urban Interventions, Graffiti & Public SculptureARTS (UD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Gender & CommunicationsCOMM (LD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Culture of English Speaking CountriesSSCI (LD)
SpainUniversidad de AlicanteNo course # – Cultural HeritageHUM (LD)
SpainUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosNo course # – European Art II: From the Seventeenth CenturyARTS (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleARH 460 – Architecture & Painting in SevilleARTS (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleCOM 340(A) – Communication & Global CompetenceDIVR (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGEN 320SVQ – Gender Roles in Present Day SpainDIVR (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGS-03 – Great Masters & The Major Artistic Tendencies in Spain during the 20th CenturyHUM (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleGS-09 – Politics on the Big Screen: Film as Propaganda Throughout HistorySSCI or HUM (LD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleHIS/SOC 362 – Slavery in Latin America & the CaribbeanDIVR or HUM (UD)
SpainUniversity of SevilleSPN 353 SVQ – Spanish CinemaARTS (UD)
SpainUSAC Center – BilboaNo course # – Survey of Art I: European/ Western ArtARTS (LD)
SpainUSAC Center – ValenciaBiol 190 – Biology I Introduction to Cell and Molecular BiologyBSCI no lab (LD)
SpainUniversity of ValenciaNo course # – Spanish Culture & CivilizationHUM (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,794 – Arts and EconomicsSSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen3,760 – Cognitive Psychology of Responsible BehaviourSSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,792 – Economics and PsychologySSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. Gallen7,388 – Political Science Fundamentals of International RelationsSSCI (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. GallenGesselschaft/Society: Social Citizenship and Politics of InequalityEQJS (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. GallenGesselschaft/Society: Power, Politics, and Democracy - Who Runs the World?EQJS (LD)
SwitzerlandUniversity of St. GallenGesselschaft/Society: Increasing Racial and Ethnic Equity in SwitzerlandEQJS (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityBIOL 450E – Tropical Plant EcologyBSCI no lab (UD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityPHIL/RST no course# – Buddhism in ThailandHUM (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityPSC no course# – Peace and ConflictSSCI (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Buddhist PhilosophyHUM (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Global Health IssuesDIVR (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityNo course # – Thai CivilizationSSCI (LD)
ThailandChiang Mai UniversityANTH/SOC no course #- Social and Cultural Dynamics in ThailandDIVR (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 255 – Introduction to OceanographyPSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 301 – Functional HistologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICBI 314 – Tropical EcologyBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICEM 101 – Introduction to AnimationARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICFM 351 – Film CriticismHUM (UD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 105 – Music AppreciationARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 106 – Moral and Ethical StudiesHUM (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 140 – Introduction to Art TheoryARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 141 – Art Appreciation IARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 218 – Film StudiesARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICHM 223 – Thai ArtsARTS (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 153 – Ecosystems & Natural ResourcesBSCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 154 – Science, Technology, and EnvironmentSSCI (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICNS 171 – Scientific Approach & SocietySCI w/lab (LD)
ThailandMahidol UniversityICSS 119 – Introduction to International StudiesSSCI (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityFA 122 – History of Art & Design IIARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityCD 202 – Multimedia ToolsARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityBIO 102 – BiologyBSCI (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityRC 204 – Film Language & CriticismARTS (LD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityKADH CCCO 350 – Istanbul: City of Contrast & CoexistenceDIVR (UD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityFA 328 – Representing the VisualARTS (UD)
TurkeyKadir Has UniversityNM 104 – Key Concepts in New MediaSSCI (LD)
Semester At SeaColorado State UniversityART 100 – Intro to the Visual Arts (Shaping Spaces - Comparative Architecture East and West)ARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaColorado State UniversitySOC 105 – Social ProblemsDIVR (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoMU 230 – Music of Black AmericansARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoPHIL 171 – Religions of the WestHUM (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoART 135 – Introduction to DrawingARTS (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoPHIL 270 – Issues in Study of Religion: Religion in Latin AmericaHUM (LD)
Semester At SeaUniversity of ColoradoECON 204 – Principles of MacroeconomicsSSCI (LD)
Sea MesterUniversity of South FloridaOCB 1001 – Introduction to Marine BiologyBSCI no lab (LD)
Sea MesterUniversity of South FloridaOCE 1001 – Introduction to OceanographyPSCI no lab (LD)