[EQJS] Courses

For all your questions related to UCORE’s new Inquiry in Equity and Justice course designation, visit our Equity and Justice Frequently Asked Questions. Students who entered WSU prior to Fall 2023 may take an EQJS course to satisfy their DIVR requirement.

Courses that fulfill Inquiry into Equity and Justice equip students with intellectual tools and social contexts necessary to critically examine power dynamics and to recognize, question, and understand structural inequities and privileges. Courses demonstrate how inequalities and/or stereotypes, discrimination, systemic inequities, and violence along lines of race, ethnicity, class, gender, religion, national origin, sexuality, ability, or intersections thereof are produced, sustained, and adapted across time and/or geography. Students develop the ability to position themselves in relation to structural inequities and privileges using self-reflection and open dialogue. Courses provide vital intellectual foundations, tools, and literacies to assess and evaluate ideologies and narratives in order to ethically pursue inclusive and just societies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students, regardless of major, who successfully complete a [EQJS] course should be able to:

  • Understand fundamental knowledge and concepts related to power, privilege, equity, and/or justice as appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Breadth of Learning)
  • Recognize how structures of power and privilege shape unequal social positioning and/or sustain unethical worldviews or ideologies. (WSU Learning Goal: Diversity).
  • Recognize the ways in which one’s own social identities impact one’s engagement with others. (WSU Learning Goal: Critical Thinking)
  • Identify relevant sources of information that demonstrate how individuals, communities, and movements resist and/or transform institutions that (re-)produce inequality and oppression. (WSU Learning Goal: Informational Literacy)
  • Evaluate, at an appropriate level, claims or information about how and why ideologies, constructions, scripts, and other broad generalizations about groups are produced, replicated, adapted over time, and/or persist or manifest in oppressive beliefs and behaviors. (WSU Learning Goal: Information Literacy)
  • Communicate about power, privilege, equity, and/or justice in written forms appropriate to the discipline. (WSU Learning Goal: Written Communication)

New outcomes approved Fall 2022.

Available [EQJS] Courses

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Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollegeStatus
AMER_ST 472Race, Justice, and Food Ecosystems3CASApproved F23
ANTH 310Contemporary Human Issues3CASApproved S24
ANTH210Health Divides: Human Inequality and Well-Being3CASApproved F23
ANTH215Material Culture of Confinement and Incarceration 3CASApproved F23
ANTH220Perspectives on Race and Racism3CASApproved S23 /
Effective F23
CES101Race and Racism in the United States3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
CES204Critical Studies in Whiteness3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
CES291Anti-Semitism3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
CES / HISTORY335 / 360Black Freedom Struggle3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
CES / HISTORY436Workers Across North America3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
CRM_J205Advancing Justice: Addressing Power and Inequity in the Justice System3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
ECONS181History of Economic Thought on Inequality3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
ENGLISH362Rhetorics of Racism3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
ENGLISH489Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British and Postcolonial Literatures3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
HISTORY224Baseball and American Social Movements3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
HISTORY250Peoples of the United States3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
HISTORY384The World Through Sports History3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
HISTORY / WGSS399Lesbian and Gay History: Culture, Politics, and Social Change in the US3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
MUS267Black American Music: Roots to Fruit3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
POL_S438Contemporary Political Theories of Power, Oppression, and Resistance3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23
SPMGT101Sport and Popular Culture: Trends and Issues3College of EducationApproved S24
SDC102Social Justice in the Built Environment3VCEAApproved S23 / Effective F23
SOC340Social Inequality3CASApproved F22 / Effective F23
WGSS101Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3CASApproved S23 /
Effective F23
WGSS120Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics3CASApproved S23 /
Effective F23
WGSS / SOC385Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies3CASApproved S23 / Effective F23