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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Integrative Capstone [CAPS]: Course List

Integrative capstone courses bring opportunities for integration, application, and closure to the undergraduate experience, and prepare students for postbaccalaureate work and life-long learning. Intended to be taken in the final year of a student’s degree, the CAPS courses serve as a culminating experience for students to demonstrate achievement of the university’s undergraduate learning goals. CAPS courses may occur within or outside the major, depending on the requirements of a student’s major field of study.

Many CAPS courses ask students to demonstrate a depth of knowledge within their chosen academic field of study that integrates its history, core methods, techniques, vocabulary, and unsolved problems. Other CAPS courses require students to apply concepts from their general and specialized studies to personal, academic, service learning, professional, and/or community activities. Other CAPS courses ask students to demonstrate how the methods and concepts of a chosen discipline relate to those of other disciplines through engaging in cross-disciplinary activities. Each type of CAPS course typically involves the production of a major project that demonstrates the student’s cumulative learning toward the bachelor’s degree.

Effective Fall 2019, students must take CAPS courses in residence. “In residence” means a course either taught on a WSU campus or taught by WSU faculty, wherever the course may be located. Transfer and study abroad courses are not suitable for fulfilling the capstone requirement.

Choose one [CAPS] course (3 credits) to satisfy part of your UCORE graduation requirements.

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollege
AFS401Advanced Systems Analysis and Design in Agriculture and Food Systems3CANHRS
AG_ED407Student Teaching in Agricultural EducationVCANHRS
AMDT413Global Sourcing3VCEA
ANIM_SCI464Companion Animal Management3CAHNRS
ANIM_SCI472Dairy Cattle Management3CANHRS
ANIM_SCI474Beef Cattle Production3CANHRS
ANTH404The Self in Culture3CAS
ANTH464Hormones and Human Reproduction3CAS
ANTH490Integrative Themes in Anthropology3CAS
ARCH403Comprehensive Design Studio I6VCEA
ASTRONOM450Life in the Universe3CAS
BIO_ENG411Bioengineering Capstone Project II3
BIOLOGY401Plants and People3
BIOLOGY408Contemporary Genetics3
BIOLOGY / ANTH473Evolution and Society3
BIOLOGY483Organisms and Global Change3
BIOLOGY485Biology of the Oceans3
BIOLOGY489Synthesis and Communication of Independent Research3
CAS410Interdisciplinary Approaches to the University3
CE465Integrated Civil Engineering Design4
CES / ENGLISH405 / 410Cultual Criticism and Theory3
CES440Global Social Justice3
CES489Everyday Struggles for Justice and Equality3
CHE451Chemical Process Analysis and Design II3
CHEM485Senior Thesis in Chemistry3
COM471Stereotypes in Communication3Murrow
COMSOC421Intercultural Communication and Globalization3
CPT_S423Software Design Project II3
CRM_J / WGSS403Violence Toward Women3
CRM_J480Senior Capstone in Criminal Justice and Criminology3
CROP_SCI435Interdisciplinary Solutions in the Plant Sciences3
CS (Vancouver)420Software Design Project I3
CST_M475Senior Capstone3
DATA424Data Analytics Capstone3
DTC497Senior Seminar3
E_E416Electrical Engineering Design3
ECE452Capstone Design II3
ECONS490Economics Capstone3
ENGLISH415Traditions of Comedy and Tragedy3
ENGLISH446Form and Theory in Creative Writing: Prose and Poetry3
ENGLISH494Advanced Topics in Literature3
ENGR421Multidisciplinary Engineering Design II3
ENGR431Interdisciplinary Design II3
ENTRP492Small Business Strategy and Planning3Carson
FINE_ART408Art History Thesis3
FINE_ART498Contemporary Issues Seminar3
FOR_LANG410Advanced Topics in Global Cinema3
FRENCH410French Film in Translation3
FRENCH420French Culture Through Wine3
FRENCH430Topics in French / Francophone Literature in Translation3
FS489Food Product Development3
GERMAN420Socio-Cultural History of the German Language3
HBM475Senior Living Management Capstone3
HBM493Food and Beverage Strategies3
HBM495Case Studies and Research3
H_D403Families in Poverty3
H_D415Peak Experiences in Leadership3
H_D418Early Experiences and Lifespan Health3
HISTORY409American Environmental History3
HISTORY417Rise of Modern America3
HISTORY435European Expansion Overseas, 1400-18003
HISTORY436Imperialism in the Modern World3
HISTORY444The Renaissance3
HISTORY / ASIA474Modern South Asia: Community and Conflict3
HISTORY / ASIA483Medicine, Science, and Technology in World History3
HISTORY492Cultural Appetites: Food in World History3
HISTORY495Space, Place, and Power in World History: Historical Geography in Global Perspective3
HORT425Trends in Horticulture3CAHNRS
I_D426Interior Design Studio VII5VCEA
KINES484Exercise Prescription and Medical Conditions3COE
LND_ARCH485Senior Comprehensive Project4VCEA
MATH432Mathematics for College and Secondary Teachers3
MATH464Linear Optimization3
MBIOS494Senior Project in Molecular Biosciences3VetMed
ME416Mechanical Systems Design3
MECH (Vancouver)417Mechanical Systems Design II3
MGMT491Business Strategy and Policy3
MUS461The Musician in Society: Philosophies and Practices, 1850-Present3
NEP495Interprofessional Capstone in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology3
NEUROSCI490Senior Project3
NURS430Senior Practicum3Nursing
NURS495Nursing Practice: Advanced Clinical Practicum3
PHIL413Science and Religion3
PHIL442Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL475Zombie Apocalypse3
PHYSICS408Physics and Society3
POL_S428Issues in Political Psychology3
POL_S430The Politics of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy3
POL_S432Comparative Public Policy3
POL_S472European Politics3
PSYCH401Historical Development of Psychology 3
PSYCH412Psychological Testing and Assessment3
SHS480Senior Seminar3
SOC495Internship Capstone3
SOC496Capstone - From Theory to Practice: The Sociology of Service3
SOC497Capstone Research Practicum3
SOE404The Ecosystem3CAS / CAHNRS
SOE454Restoration Ecology3CAS / CAHNRS
SOE471International Wildlife Conservation3CAS / CAHNRS
SOE474Physics and Chemistry of the Earth4CAS / CAHNRS
SOE477Environmental Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management3CAS / CAHNRS
SPANISH420Cultural Topics3CAS
SPANISH450Seminar in Spanish Studies / Themes3CAS
SPMGT489Theory and Application in Sports Event Management3COE
TCH_LRN490Advanced Practicum for Elementary Teachers3COE
VIT_ENOL433Critical Thinking in Vineyard and Winery Management3
WGSS495Re-Directions in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Theory and Practice3CAS
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