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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Communication [COMM]: Course List

About COMM Courses

COMM courses focus on non-written mediums, such as public speaking, conversational foreign language, interpersonal communication, visual literacy, multimedia authoring, and intercultural communication. These courses require students to develop and express ideas clearly, concisely, and effectively in media beyond purely written communication in ways that creatively adapt content and conventions to diverse contexts, audiences, and purposes. Development of communication abilities may involve working with a variety of technologies, such as mixing texts, data, and images. It also may involve oral presentations and discourse, such as public speaking, small group interaction, one-on-one conversation, and active listening. All COMM courses develop a student’s understanding of the principles and elements of effective communication through extensive applied practice, self-evaluation, and revision.

You can choose one[COMM] course (3 credits) instead of a second [WRTG]course as part of fulfilling your UCORE graduation requirements.

COMM Course List

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollege
COM102Public Speaking in the Digital Age3Murrow
COM210Multimedia Content Creation3Murrow
COM400Communicating Science and Technology3Murrow
ENGLISH106Communicating in Academic Contexts3CAS
FRENCH361Advanced French for the Professions3CAS
GERMAN307Intermediate Speaking and Listening3CAS
GERMAN361German for the Professions3CAS
H_D205Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills3CAHNRS
MKTG279Professional Persuasive Communications3Carson
NEUROSCI / MBIOS201Introduction to Communication in the Molecular Life Sciences3VetMed
SOC103Social Psychology of Communication3CAS

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