DIVR Courses

Global Cultural Diversity courses introduce students to differences, similarities, and connections among cultures by exploring the multiplicity of individual and group experiences within and across historical periods, societies, and cultures in global comparative context. Courses help students engage and understand social and cultural contexts and interactions across the globe using critical thinking, information literacy, communication, self-awareness, and flexibility in perspective. Using multiple cultural or intellectual perspectives, courses prepare students to address questions about how factors such as history; politics; communication styles; economics; institutions; and/or cultural values, beliefs, and practices influence cultural variation. Courses are intended to help prepare students for lifelong constructive engagement with others in plural societies, promoting the abilities to suspend value judgment in interactions with culturally different others and/or the core beliefs of others; and to negotiate a shared understanding of what produces cultural variation and/or how culture changes across time and/or different geographic and environmental contexts.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students, regardless of major, who successfully complete a DIVR course should be able to:

  • Understand fundamental knowledge and concepts related to cultural diversity as appropriate to the discipline (WSU LG: breadth of learning).
  • Recognize the complexity of elements important to members of a culture in relation to history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, or beliefs and practices (WSU LG: diversity).
  • Recognize the sources and limits of one’s own perspective and cultural rules and limitations in relation to the perspectives of others (WSU LG: critical thinking).
  • Identify relevant sources of information that demonstrate ways that history, institutions, and/or ideologies shape cultural variation and/or different experiences (WSU LG: informational literacy).
  • Evaluate, at an appropriate level, claims or information about cultural diversity based on the sources and the methods used to generate it (WSU LG: information literacy).
  • Communicate about cultural diversity in written forms appropriate to the discipline (WSU LG: written communication).
Revised outcomes approved Fall 2022.

Available DIVR Courses

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollegeStatus
AMDT / WGSS222Fat Studies3CAHNRS / CASSubmitted for renewal F22
AMDT317Multicultural Perspectives on the Body and Dress3CAHNRSSubmitted for renewal F22
ANTH101Introduction to Anthropology3CASRenewed S19
ANTH203Global Cultural Diversity3CASRenewed S20
ANTH220Perspectives on Race3CASApproved F20
ANTH307Contemporary Cultures and Peoples of Africa3CASSubmit for renewal F23
ANTH / WGSS316Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective3CASSubmit for renewal F23
ANTH / AIS 320Native Peoples of North America3CASSubmit for renewal F22
ANTH / AIS327Contemporary Native Peoples of the Americas3CASSubmit for renewal F22
ANTH / FOR LANG350Speech, Thought, and Culture3CASSubmit for renewal S23
ASIA301East Meets West1CASSubmit for renewal S23
BIOLOGY307Biology of Women3CASSubmit for renewal S24
CES291Anti-Semitism3CASSubmit for renewal F23
CES325Traveling Cultures: Tourism in Global Perspective3CASSubmit for renewal S23
COMSOC321Intercultural Communication3CommunicationSubmitted for renewal F22
CHINESE / HUMANITY / JAPANESE / ASIA322Ecology in East Asian Cultures3CASSubmit for renewal S24
COUN_PSY457Chicano/a Latino/a Psychology3EducationSubmit for renewal S23
CRM_J205Realizing Justice in a Multicultural Society3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
DTC206Digital Inclusion3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
DTC / AMER ST475Digital Diversity3CASSubmit for renewal S24
ECONS428Global Capitalism Today: Perspectives and Issues3CAHNRSSubmit for renewal S24
ENGLISH / CES322 / 332Topics in African American Literature3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
ENGLISH362Rhetorics of Racism3CASSubmit for renewal S23
ENGLISH48920th/21st Century British and Postcolonial Literatures3CASSubmit for renewal S23
FOR_LANG110Introduction to Global Film3CASSubmit for renewal S24
FOR_LANG120Introduction to Foreign Cultures3CASRenewed S23
H_D350Family Diversity3CAHNRSRenewed S19
HISTORY120World History I3CASRenewed F20
HISTORY130History of Organized Crime in America3CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY / ASIA270India: History and Culture3CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY / ASIA271Southeast Asian History: Vietnam to Indonesia3CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY / ASIA272Introduction to Middle Eastern History3CASSubmit for renewal S23
HISTORY / ASIA273Foundations of Islamic Civilization3CASSubmit for renewal S23
HISTORY / ASIA275Introduction to East Asian Culture3CASRenewed F20
HISTORY / WOMEN_ST298History of Women in American Society3CASSubmit for renewal S23
HISTORY308North American Indian History, Pre-Contact to Present3CASSubmit for renewal S23
HISTORY314American Roots: Immigration, Migration, and Ethnic Identity3CASSubmit for renewal S23
HISTORY321US Popular Culture, 1800-19303CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY322US Popular Culture Since 19303CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY / WGSS335Women in Latin American History3CASSubmit for renewal F23
HISTORY / WGSS398History of Women in the American West3CASSubmit for renewal S24
HISTORY / ASIA477Modern Japanese History3CASSubmit for renewal S24
JAPANESE / ASIA / CHINESE / HUMANITY320Issues in East Asian Ethics3CASSubmit for renewal S23
MUS362History of Jazz3CASRenewed F20
MUS / WGSS363Women in Music3CASRenewed F22
MUS267Black American Music: Root to Fruit3CASApproved F21
MUS366LGBTQ+ Perspectives in Music3CASApproved S22
SOC / WGSS251Sociology of Sex, Relationships, and Marriage3CASSubmit for renewal S24
SOC / WGSS351The Family3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
SOC361Criminology3CASSubmit for renewal S24
SOE312Natural Resources, Society, and the Environment3CASRenewed F22
SPANISH320Peninsular Spanish Culture3CASApproved S22
SPANISH321Latin American Cultures3CASSubmitted for renewal F22
SPMGT101Sport and Popular Culture: Trends and Issues3EducationSubmit for renewal S23
WGSS101Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3CASSubmit for renewal S23
WGSS120Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics3CASSubmitted for renewal S23
WGSS220Gender, Culture, and Science3CASSubmitted for renewal S23
WGSS / ENGLISH / SOC300 / 310 /300Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality3CASSubmit for renewal S23
WGSS / SOC385Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies3CASSubmitted for renewal S23
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