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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Inquiry in the Physical Sciences [PSCI]: Course List

Science is an approach to asking and answering questions about the natural world. Scientific inquiry uses empirical observations to formulate logical conclusions supported by the evidence. Scientific inquiry also develops evidence-based arguments to advance knowledge within the scientific community. All courses in the natural sciences categories actively engage students in rigorous study of scientific problems. They emphasize science as a process and help students develop a knowledge-based framework by which to make judgments about current issues as scientifically informed citizens.

To fulfill part of your UCORE graduation requirements, choose one course (3 credits) in Physical Science [PSCI] and choose one course (3 credits) in Biological Science [BSCI] such that either the BSCI course or the PSCI course has a lab hour (1 credit).

Note: Courses that fulfill the lab hour requirement are marked with (L).

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCredits
AMDT210Textiles (L)4
ASTRONOM135Astronomy (L)4
ASTRONOM138Planets and Planetary Systems3
ASTRONOM390The Night Sky (L)1
CHEM101Introduction to Chemistry (L)4
CHEM105Principles of Chemistry I (L)4
PHYSICS101General Physics3
PHYSICS111General Physics Lab I (L)1
PHYSICS137Physics and Society3
PHYSICS150Physics and Your World3
PHYSICS201Physics for Scientists and Engineers I3
PHYSICS205Physics for Scientists and Engineers I - Honors (L)5
PHYSICS211Physics for Scientists and Engineers Lab I (L)1
PHYSICS322Sound Waves and Music (L)4
SCIENCE101Integrated Science: Origins in the Natural World (L)4
SOE 101Welcome to the Earth: Introduction to Geology (L)4
SOE103Other Worlds: Comparative Planetology of Our Solar System3
SOE105Natural Resources and Natural Hazards3
SOE210Earth's History and Evolution (L)4
SOE230Introductory Oceanography3
SOE250Introduction to Earth System Science3
SOE280How the Earth's Climate System Works3
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