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Individuals who develop strong quantitative reasoning skills possess the ability to reason and solve quantitative problems from a wide array of authentic contexts and everyday life situations. They understand and can create arguments supported by quantitative evidence and they can clearly communicate and explain those arguments in a variety of formats (using words, tables, graphs, mathematical equations, etc., as appropriate). Quantitative Reasoning represents one of the three UCORE foundational competencies [QUAN, WRTG, COMM – 9 total credits] intended for completion in a student’s first year of study.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students, regardless of major, who successfully complete a [QUAN] course should be able to:
  • Apply quantitative principles and computational methods to solve quantitative problems (quantitative reasoning).
  • Convert relevant information into various mathematical forms, such as equations, graphs, diagrams, and tables (quantitative reasoning).
  • Communicate mathematical information in writing (e.g. interpret data in a graph, table, or chart) (written communication).
  • Identify when, and what type of, quantitative data are appropriate to support claims in given contexts (information literacy).
  • Interpret and/or apply with accuracy, as well as recognize the limitations of quantitative information in real-world and/or multidisciplinary contexts (e.g., political, economic, scientific, social) (critical thinking).
Revised outcomes approved Spring 2022.

Available QUAN Courses

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCreditsCollegeStatus
CPT S111Introduction to Computer Programming3VCEASubmit for renewal F23
ECONS335Business Finance Economics3CAHNRSSubmit for renewal F23
ENGR107Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications4VCEARenewed S20
FIN223Personal Finance3BusinessRenewed F22
MATH 105Exploring Mathematics3CASRenewed S19
MATH140Calculus for Life Scientists4CASRenewed S20
MATH171Calculus I4CASRenewed F20
MATH202Calculus for Business and Economics3CASRenewed F20
MATH252Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II3CASRenewed F22
PHIL201Introduction to Formal Logic3CASRenewed S22
POL_S201Political Research Methods3CASApproved F22
PSYCH311Statistics for Psychology4CASSubmit for renewal S23
STAT212Introduction to Statistical Methods4CASRenewed S22

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