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UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN]: Course List

About QUAN Courses

QUAN courses broaden students’ understanding of and appreciation for mathematical reasoning while at the same time giving them a skill set that will be of value to everyday life. These courses advance the fundamentals of quantitative reasoning; develop skills for interpreting and evaluating quantitative representations (charts, graphs, algorithms, etc.); and promote identification of the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative methods for representing and solving problems.

Choose one [QUAN] course (3 credits) to satisfy part of your UCORE graduation requirements.

QUAN Course List

Course PrefixCourse NumberCourse TitleCredits
CPT S111Introduction to Computer Programming3
ECONS335Business Finance Economics3
ENGR107Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications4
FIN223Personal Finance3
MATH 105Exploring Mathematics3
MATH140Calculus for Life Scientists4
MATH171Calculus I4
MATH202Calculus for Business and Economics3
MATH252Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II3
PHIL201Introduction to Formal Logic3
PSYCH311Statistics for Psychology4
STAT212Introduction to Statistical Methods4

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