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Washington State University
UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Efficient Assessment: Aligning Grading Rubrics with WSU Learning Goals in UCORE [CAPS] Courses

UCORE Capstone [CAPS] courses bring opportunities for integration, application, and closure to the undergraduate experience. In place since 2015, [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE is intended to gauge student learning achievement on WSU’s Learning Goals of Undergraduate Education in the context of the general education curriculum as students near graduation. This spotlight offers insight into a tested, efficient approach to assessment of student learning achievement in a UCORE Capstone [CAPS] course through grading rubric alignment.

NEUROSCI 490: Senior Project is a UCORE [CAPS] course where seniors majors demonstrate skills and knowledge in final oral presentations of their semester-long research projects. Worth 20% of the course grade, these presentations also provide direct assessment of student performance on WSU’s Learning Goals for [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE. Dr. Samantha Gizerian, who teaches this course, has designed a grading rubric and the following three-step process to streamline the production of senior-level achievement data for [CAPS] Assessment Reporting for UCORE. » More …