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Washington State University
UCORE: University Common Requirements Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

UCORE committee approves revised student learning outcomes

May 4, 2022.

The UCORE Committee is pleased to announce the completion of a two-year long course designator student learning outcomes revision project. Begun in Spring 2020, revisions represent a needed review and refresh, after 10 ten years, of UCORE’s learning outcomes across nearly all course designators.

These revised student learning outcomes at the UCORE level will continue to advance WSU’s Seven Learning Goals of the Baccalaureate, which all other undergraduate programs also support.

For more context and for access to the revised outcomes, click here.

All relevant areas of the UCORE website, including downloadable learning outcomes grids, will be updated in May 2022 to reflect these revisions.

The UCORE committee asks that faculty begin to integrate revised outcomes into course materials in Fall 2022, with a firm implementation expectation by Spring 2023.

All new course proposals and course renewals submitted beginning Fall 2022 should demonstrate alignment with the relevant revised designator student learning outcomes.

Please address any questions or comments to Clif Stratton, UCORE Director, at



WSU Law Awards presented to Probst, Whitehall for 2022

PULLMAN, Wash.— Washington State University faculty members Tahira Probst and Anna Whitehall are the latest recipients of the annual Richard G. Law Excellence Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

First presented in 2013, the award commemorates the high value WSU places on those who teach University Common Requirements (UCORE) general education courses across the university, and who help undergraduates make progress toward achieving WSU Learning Goals and Outcomes.

“The Law Award selection committee was impressed with how both Probst and Whitehall have developed and refined innovative, student-centered pedagogies—ones that are process-oriented, collaborative, experiential, and curiosity-driven,” said William B. Davis, vice provost, at the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement award ceremonies in April.

Probst, a professor of psychology at WSU Vancouver, was cited for being actively engaged in UCORE design and implementation—including assessment—for many years. The committee noted her commitment to the program as evidenced through her teaching practices and outcomes as well as her involvement in service toward general education.

She is said to listen to student feedback about her courses, modifying them to make them meaningful and relevant. She has sought grants to develop easily scalable interventions to instill a growth mindset among students and instructors in math-intensive gateway courses. And she’s committed to using curricular design components to ensure equitable access to all students so they can achieve the learning goals.

Whitehall, a human development professor,  was commended by the committee for being a faculty member who does not “rest on her laurels but instead continually strives to improve her craft, embodying the spirit of general education.” She uses a student-centered approach to teach and experiential activities that lead to learning, always encouraging students to integrate and apply course material to real-life situations. She incorporates evaluations to her courses, reads and acknowledges students’ written comments on evaluations, pursues professional development, and contributes to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The award honors Dick Law, retired English professor who served as a university-wide director of general education from 1990 until his retirement in 2009.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Clif Stratton, UCORE Director,

Beverly Makhani, DAESA Communications Director,

WSU student Ella Kisor named UCORE Ambassador Award recipient

PULLMAN, Wash.— Washington State University’s University Common Requirements (UCORE) Ambassador Award for 2022 was presented to student Ella Kisor, international business and Spanish major and member of the Honors College.

The award is given each year to one who has carried the spirit of general education to the WSU community.

Kisor is a member of the ASWSU student body executive staff and sits on the UCORE Committee and the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee.

Regarding the award, Kisor was praised for “being extremely attentive to, an involved in, the proposal to create an equity and justice requirement in UCORE, among other UCORE matters,” said Clif Stratton, UCORE director. She “asked pointed questions, raised concerns on behalf of students, and generally took part in the democratic process that is meant to produce these kinds of curricular changes.”

Said Stratton, “I have not in my brief time as UCORE director and slightly longer time as a UCORE Committee member encountered such an engaged ASWSU representative.”

MEDIA CONTACT: Clif Stratton, UCORE Director,

Beverly Makhani, DAESA Communications and Marketing Director,

New Courses Approved Ahead of Fall 2022

With Spring 2022 semester soon drawing to a close, UCORE is excited to announce the onboarding of 12 new UCORE courses across 6 different UCORE designations. I want to genuinely thank the units and faculty that have proposed and will offer these courses as general education options beginning in Fall 2022. Students and advisors will find these in the WSU catalog shortly, if not already.

  • BIOLOGY 105 – General Biology Lab [BSCI] – Lisa Carloye and Michael Jorgenson, School of Biological Sciences
  • DTC 202 – Internet Revolutions [COMM] – Jacob Riddle, Digital Technology and Culture Program
  • ENGLISH 252 – Introduction to Creative Writing & Creative Writing Pedagogy [ARTS] – Jeff Jones, English
  • FS 202 – Science on your Plate Lab [BSCI], Minto Michael, Department of Food Science
  • HISTORY 350 – European Women’s History [HUM], Sue Peabody, Department of History
  • HUMANITIES 280 – Quests and Callings [ARTS], Leann Hunter, Department of English
  • MUS 267 – Black American Music: Root to Fruit [DIVR], Darryl Singleton, School of Music
  • MUS 361 – Music and Social Justice [HUM], Darryl Singleton, School of Music
  • MUS 366 – LGBTQ+ Perspectives in Music [DIVR], Chris Dickey, School of Music
  • PHARMEDS 315 – Biomedical Literature: Communicating Science [COMM], Kay Meier and Connie Remsberg, Pharmacy
  • SOE 480 – How to Build a Habitable Planet [CAPS], Jeff Vervoort, School of the Environment
  • SPANISH 452 – Seminar in Spanish Studies – Genres [CAPS], Vilma Navarro-Daniels, School of Languages, Cultures, and Race

WSU Joins WICHE Interstate Passport Network Promoting Students’ Transferability: First in Washington

Official logos of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and its Interstate Passport program.

MEDIA CONTACT: Clif Stratton, institutional liaison, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s Interstate Passport program, 509-335-2230,

Beverly Makhani, director of communications and marketing, WSU Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement (DAESA), 509-432-3430,

Official logos of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and its Interstate Passport program.PULLMAN, Wash.—Students transferring to or from Washington State University who have completed their lower-division general education courses will have a more seamless transition, thanks to a new partnership with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).

WICHE’s Interstate Passport program provides that students who have attained agreed-upon learning outcomes from those courses can enroll at other member schools with confidence that many general education requirements have been met. It further indicates that they are equipped to tackle and complete upper-division requirements, said Clif Stratton.

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Clif Stratton to Lead WSU UCORE General Education Program

Clif Stratton, Clinical Associate Professor of History

MEDIA: Mary F. Wack, WSU Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, 509-335-8044,

Clif Stratton, Director of the WSU UCORE Program, 509-335-2230,

Clif Stratton, Clinical Associate Professor of History.PULLMAN, Wash.—Washington State University history professor Clif Stratton has been named the new director of the University Common Requirements Program, known as UCORE, announced Mary F. Wack, vice provost for undergraduate education.

Stratton will continue to teach in history’s Roots of Contemporary Issues program, for which he served as assistant director for several years. Roots is a two-course, first-year-experience cornerstone of the UCORE curriculum. He will also teach history and Honors College courses on race and modern U.S. history.

“It’s a great honor to lead the University Common Requirements Program,” said Stratton. “It is central to the mission of the university. It touches virtually every student on every campus, from their first-year through capstone courses.

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